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Email Marketing Automation Service

Email marketing automation is essential to successful promotion. Make sales while you sleep!

What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation sends the right message to the ideal audience at the perfect moment. As a result of its streamlined efficiency, you save time, effort, and money. We leverage email marketing automation tools to make the best campaign for your business.


76% of marketers see a positive ROI within a year (Source: Marketo)


80% of marketers report an increase in leads to do automation (Source: Invesp)


74% of marketers say the biggest benefit of automation is saving time (Source: Truelist)

Ignoring Email Marketing Automation Costs You Sales

Not only does email marketing automation save you money, but it also generates lots of sales… when done correctly. Failing to use automation means you’re not moving your prospects through a sales cycle. In the meantime, your competitors are getting clicks and conversions with well-timed campaigns.

Don’t waste time trying to compete manually with email automation. By all means, hop aboard the high-speed train that is email marketing. As a result, you’ll zoom forward and never look back.

Book an appointment now and have a full-services email marketing agency manage your automation. Every moment you wait is costing you sales.

Common Usage of Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation has many forms and names including:

  • Sales funnels/sales series
  • New customer onboarding/indoctrination
  • Win-back/re-engagement
  • Thought leadership
  • Surveys
  • Review requests
  • Abandoned cart
  • Lead nurturing/goodwill campaign
  • Trigger messages

See how our email marketing automation service can improve your business by booking a free consultation with an email expert.

Case Studies in Automation

Ivan Smith Logo

A large furniture retailer uses a 16-message goodwill series to run alongside their monthly promotions.

Every Tiny Thing Logo

A tiny startup uses budget-friendly automation alone to sell products while the owner sleeps like a baby.

Knik River Lodge

A remote Alaskan lodge targets a profitable segment of their market using a lead magnet and automation.

Marketing Automation Is The Backbone of Ecommerce

Find out how automation will create a huge boost in sales using:

  • Lead magnets
  • Abandoned cart messages
  • Product recommendations
  • Lead nurturing
  • Win-back messages
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Lifecycle messages
  • Review requests
  • …and more

Automation Is So Powerful – It May Be All You Need

Some companies are well served by using only email marketing automation and never sending broadcasts. Usually, it’s one of these three use cases:

  1. There’s no need for continued communication because of the business model.
  2. There’s no budget for regular broadcasts.
  3. Automation alone can accomplish the business goal.

If you’re curious about using automation for your business, ask about this during your free consultation when you book an appointment.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Automation for You

rockets and hand with dollar sign representing increased productivity

Increased Productivity

Email marketing automation is just that: automatic. Rather than scrambling to find time to connect with readers, messages are created ahead of schedule. Furthermore, your automation is sent when it has the most impact. It can be sent to as many customers you want—or to a few select readers who will benefit from something specific you offer. And best of all, these messages can be shared with no cost to you. The result is maximum exposure with minimal effort.

improved retention rates icon with thumbs up and five stars

Improved Retention Rates

Email marketing automation gives you a wealth of information about what your audience wants. After reviewing the data collected by your campaigns, you can better understand your readers’ needs, concerns, and goals. For this purpose, good email automation reveals how to stay relevant to readers.

icon for collecting valuable information finger on keyboard pointing at email

Collecting Valuable Information

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing automation is the information it collects. By knowing who clicks on your messages, when readers are most likely to engage, and where they live, you can craft personalized messages that hit the target every time. Additionally, the data gathered from automations helps you perfect your products and increase your pool of satisfied customers.

icon of figure with megaphone coming out of email representing expanding your audience

Expanding Your Audience

Email automation makes it easy for your target audience to opt into messages. In brief, you can steer traffic your way through many automatic channels:

Call-to-action buttons
Visibility on social media
Pop-up forms
Blog posts

With powerful automations like these in your marketing arsenal, old-fashioned marketing methods like sales calls, in-house promotions, and in-person prospecting become things of the past.

icon of hand spreading emails on laptop

Removing the Guesswork for Next Steps

Email marketing automation knows the difference between casually interested readers, first-time buyers, and loyal customers. Instead of guessing your reader’s next steps or needs, automation accurately predicts them. The result is targeted campaigns that increase conversions and boost sales.

hooked reader icon

Retaining the Goodwill of Prospective Customers

The beauty of email marketing is that it serves people who are actually seeking more information from you. Instead of turning off readers with unwanted sales pitches and unsolicited advertisements, you’re working with an audience already open to your messaging.

Email Marketing Automation Services for All Your Sales Needs

Because it’s so powerful, adaptable, and targeted, email marketing automation is the only promotional tool many businesses need. Exclusive email automation can be ideal for these situations:

A business model that doesn’t require continual communication with customers
Businesses with no budget for regular broadcasts
Accomplishing goals that only need automation

If you’re curious about email marketing automation services that meet all your promotional needs, ask us during your free consultation.


Different Kinds of Email Marketing Automation

Specifically, here are just a few of the automations we can use to ramp up your marketing:

types of email marketing automation illustration

Sales Funnels/Sales Series

An email sales funnel uses tried and true sales strategies to motivate readers to buy a product, use a service, or ask for help. Without doubt, it’s one of the fastest forms of conversion. For this purpose, we create email sales funnels to deliver key messages in bite-sized chunks, easily guiding prospects to the next step of the sales process.

New Customer Onboarding

This email automation tool educates new customers how to use and gain value from a product or service. Not only does onboarding drive long-term engagement, but it saves you from answering the same questions over and over again.

Win Back/Re-Engagement

Designed to get the attention of unresponsive subscribers again, win back email automations leverage the power of your list. In fact, re-engagement is one of the most effective forms of automation, as these campaigns kick in immediately when a user has been less active for a set amount of time.

Thought Leadership

These automations contain valuable content from respected experts, helping to distinguish your messages from competitors. Thought leadership messages confer authority and are especially helpful when you’re offering complex services or solutions requiring detailed explanations.

Email Marketing Automation Surveys

Sending automated surveys to particular readers can focus and refine future email messaging. To put it another way, getting continuous feedback lets you know if recent campaigns are making the intended impact.

Review Requests

This is an automated way to build trust from future buyers, gather feedback from your products, and improve offerings based on customers’ needs. Indeed, these automations are great for finding brand ambassadors who promote your business with written and video testimonials.

Abandoned Cart Notices

Readers who leave our website or app after adding items to their cart without completing their purchase get these automated notifications. Unbelievably, the national average of abandoned carts is 70%! Critically, almost 11% of customers complete purchases after these reminders. To this end, abandoned cart notices are one of the most successful email marketing automations.

Lead Nurturing/Goodwill Campaign

Using data, analytics, and customer behavior research, this email marketing automation guides prospects to the next step of your sales funnel. Particularly, when run alongside an ongoing promotional broadcast, lead nurturing messages are great for building value while selling. In fact, one of our clients used 30 different automations to complement their mostly promotional messages—to great success.

Trigger Messages

Trigger emails are automated messages generated when a certain event takes place:

  • A reader takes action, like clicking a link or subscribing to your list
  • Sold-out items become newly available
  • Events get updated
  • Prices are adjusted, like during promotional sales

Because these automations are timely and relevant, your brand gains credibility for being responsive and conscientious.

Discover how our email marketing automation service can improve your business by booking a free consultation.

Hakai Lodge Logo

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Since they took over last year our bookings were immediately up 37% and we had our best year EVER.”

—Clyde Carlson, Owner, Hakai Lodge

Ivan Smith Furniture Logo

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We now are working months ahead on our campaign, and our email list is one of the most valuable marketing tools in our arsenal. In addition to being effective at what they do, it feels like Email Broadcast is a true partner and members of our marketing team. I recommend them wholeheartedly.”

—Trey Smith, President, Ivan Smith

Compass Dermatology Logo

What Our Customers Are Saying

“My experience with Email Broadcast has been excellent since we started together in 2014. They really get our ‘voice’ which helps in communicating our message. As a small operation, the ability to outsource this aspect of our marketing has meant consistent messages with great feedback from patients.”

—Dr. Julia Carroll, Owner of Compass Dermatology

College Match Baseball Logo

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Email Broadcast has been instrumental in helping us launch College Baseball Match. They have been a good investment—getting a whole email marketing department for a good value.”

—Eric Walcyzkowski, College Baseball Match

Optic Nerve Logo

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Email Broadcast has given us the chance to not only increase sales, but also the number of customers returning to our site through their abandoned cart automation. They helped us capitalize on a new channel we were overlooking and we have seen nothing but positive returns from it!”

—Maggie Shaefer, Marketing Coordinator. Optic Nerve

Knik River Lodge Logo

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’m thrilled with the work Email Broadcast has done so far…To see a 10% conversion rate on the SuperCollector is incredible. It reaffirms our decision to commit to email marketing…and it’s reassuring to know that even if I don’t have time to work on the marketing side or wedding side of the business development in a given week, the Email Broadcast team did.”

Roberta Warner, Director of Business Development, Knik River Lodge

PetHub Logo

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Working with the Email Broadcast team has been a fantastic experience. Not only are the emails they produce for us simply gorgeous (and SO on point with our brand and voice!), we just love the flexibility and functionality of the templates they’ve created—finally we have continuity with email marketing and website experience. 

From the moment we started working on projects with them, we knew we were in great hands, and we LOVE the incredible communication and guidance Email Broadcast maintains with us—their process is exemplary and the team is crazy fun and super talented. They work so hard to know us, understand our needs, and build fabulous content for our customers that helps PetHub reach its business goals.”

Lorien Clemens, Director of Marketing, PetHub

Every Tiny Thing Logo

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Like a lot of startup business owners, I felt overwhelmed with way too much on my plate… I was excited after talking with Email Broadcast when I realized they could customize an email marketing plan to fit my budget and still create positive results…So far we’ve had a large increase in the size of our email list, and the automated messages are delivering… I can definitely recommend working with the experts at Email Broadcast.”

Trish Ringley, RN

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