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You’re Not Alone – Great Email Marketing Is Hard
We’re Mailchimp Experts and Can Help You Win More Business!

Unless your marketing person is a coding wizard, sales expert, first-rate graphic designer, weaves compelling stories with your copy, and knows the ins and outs of complex topics like segmentation, dynamic content, and automations, you’re probably not optimizing your Mailchimp campaign. Furthermore, that means you’re leaving money on the table.

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Mailchimp Experts Vs. DIY

It doesn’t always make sense to do-it-yourself. If you’ve ever seen “Pinterest Fails,”  you know exactly what we’re talking about. In this case, Email marketing is no different. Just because you can create your own email campaigns doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes, it simply pays to hire a Mailchimp expert. 

 First, we’ve been running Mailchimp campaigns for clients since 2013.

Plus, Email Broadcast sent over 85 million emails for our clients using Mailchimp.

Additionally, we’ve generated over $92,000,000 in revenue for our clients as Mailchimp experts.

The Struggle Is RealHiring Mailchimp Experts Is the Solution

Of course, with user-friendly marketing automation companies like Mailchimp, it’s easy to feel like you’re up to the challenge of email marketing. In fact, ready-made services seem like a logical place to start. Especially if you’re technically savvy or have a marketing person on your team with experience working on email campaigns. After all, even their logo implies that any monkey can do it. However, the reality is that it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Not Using a Mailchimp Expert May Be Costing You a Fortune in Missed Opportunities

Email marketing is still the most effective marketing tool according to the Direct Marketing Association. Done correctly, an advanced email marketing campaign stands to make a considerable impact on your business.

The problem is that there are a LOT of different skills and Mailchimp-specific knowledge that goes into creating a world-class campaign and 101 ways to screw it up. But, of course, you’ve probably already discovered that.

When you consider the reasonable costs of using Mailchimp experts like us, not using us may be costing you a fortune in missed opportunities.

But There is Good News—You’ve Found Experienced Mailchimp Experts!

We’ve spent the past 20+ years getting it RIGHT.  We can instantly put our knowledge to use for YOUR business with a custom campaign designed specifically for YOU.

Email Broadcast is a small team of Mailchimp experts with decades of experience. Most importantly, we offer an affordable service powered by great people right here in the USA. 

Subsequently, every day your email campaign is not optimized with our Mailchimp pro tips is another day of missed opportunities. Book a consultation with us to find out how we can help.

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Have Your Best Year Ever by Hiring Mailchimp Experts

“Before we started working with Email Broadcast we were doing our own email marketing and it wasn’t paying off. Since they took over our Mailchimp campaign last year our bookings were almost immediately up 37% and we had our best year EVER. We also got our time back so we could focus on serving our customers…”

Clyde Carlson, Owner Hakai Lodge

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Dave Needed a Mailchimp Expert

For example, when Dave Basulto’s iPhone camera accessory business started to take off, he needed help. So he relied on Email Broadcast to take over his email campaign and grow his business. Listen to Dave’s experience by playing the video.

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Mailchimp Automation by Mailchimp Experts

Probably the biggest secret in email marketing is the power of Mailchimp automation. Specifically, sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time is POWERFUL marketing. Critically, knowing how to execute automation is another tactic we’ve mastered as Mailchimp experts.

Lead Magnets & Sales Funnels by Mailchimp Experts

If your website is not converting a good percentage of visitors into contacts, you’re probably not leveraging a lead magnet.

After all, beyond Mailchimp experts, we’re also conversion experts. We’ll work with you to create an irresistible lead magnet that adds members to your email list every single day.

Then, once you have that new contact, you’ll want to add them to a sales funnel using marketing automation.

Email Segmenting and Targeting

Without a doubt, another well-kept kept secret is that you should RARELY be sending a message to your entire list. Sorry, did that sting a little bit? The more you build a message for a specific audience – the better chance you’ll have at making an impact. As Mailchimp experts, this is second nature for us.

As a great example, we targeted a specific group of list members for a large retail client of ours. It was only 8% of their list, but we drove $430,000 in sales in a single weekend because the offer was so relevant due to how we targeted the specific audience with segmentation.

Expert CRM Integration

Indeed, adding new people to your email list is great.  But, remember, they should also get added to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. For this purpose, we’ve integrated countless CRMs to Mailchimp so that sales and marketing are working hand in hand. So, be sure to ask us about this in your free 20-minute consultation.

Advanced Authentication

Similarly, one area where all ESPs (email service providers) fall down is in their authentication. Mailchimp offers a very basic authentication step that makes sure you’re authorized to send on behalf of your domain. 

However, Mailchimp does nothing to make sure your DNS is properly configured to authorize Mailchimp servers as authenticated mail servers for your company. If lots of your email is ending up in junk, this is likely a big problem that we can handle for you.

Expert Ecommerce Integration

In brief, if you’re running an ecommerce business then you know how crucial it is to have an expert email marketing campaign. From abandoned cart automation to effective lead magnets to recommended products, email should be playing a leading role in your sales. If not, perhaps it’s time to get help from our Mailchimp experts so you can stop wasting opportunities and traffic. 

List Hygiene and Win Back Campaigns

Of course, if you’ve been at it for more than a couple of years you know that some of your audience may be tuning out. That might be because your strategy was flawed to begin with (which we can change) but there’s still hope. Surely, with recognition that this is happening and the right strategy, we can create effective win-back campaigns that can turn old email addresses back into engaged customers.

Working With The Mailchimp Experts at Email Broadcast Is Easy


First, we’ll create (or overhaul) your campaign from top to bottom including a winning strategy, a custom template, hard-working automation, and double check every Mailchimp setting.


Once we’re rolling, you’ll meet with us as little as 20 minutes per month to keep the communication flowing. After that, we’ll literally handle everything else including content and publishing.


Then, with a Mailchimp expert by your side you can relax knowing that your email marketing is top notch and focus on the rest of your business. The first step is booking a free 20-minute consultation.

Premium Account Features Used by Mailchimp Experts Included

Furthermore, as Mailchimp experts we utilize a Premium Mailchimp account that’s included with our service – at no extra cost to you. As a result, that means you’ll have full access to all of Mailchimp’s best technology including advanced journey automation, custom coded email templates, advanced audience insights, advanced segmentation, multivariate testing and more!

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Stop Ineffective Email Marketing and Finally Achieve Your Business Dreams

In conclusion, you can hire our team of Mailchimp experts at Email Broadcast who’ve been focused on this medium since 2000 and finally achieve your business dreams…. On the other hand, you can continue making the same classic mistakes that almost all businesses make.  Mistakes with their email marketing that will slow your growth and endanger the future of your company. Choose wisely.

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Seven Coffee Roasters

"Email Broadcast did a great job optimizing many of our blog posts.  The optimization process increased our site traffic by over 10% immediately. 

We've been with Email Broadcast for about 3 months now and the investment has been worth it.  We will be looking to add more services from them in the future. 

Meeting with Email Broadcast is always professional, friendly, and productive.  They are great at keeping everyone on task and moving forward, especially me."

Seven Coffee Roasters