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Email Marketing Audit

Get an expert opinion on your email marketing campaign and specific, actionable steps on how to improve.

We’ve been practicing the art and science of email marketing since 2000. It’s all we do. Let us take a look under the hood—we’ll tell you if you’ve hit the mark or if it’s time to reassess your campaign strategy. We’ll also tell you how to do it right.

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Email Marketing Audit Ideas

Why an Email Marketing Audit Is a Good Idea

On average, companies attribute 23% of their sales to email marketing, so we know it’s important. But not everyone can be an email marketing guru—and that’s okay. You’re busy with every aspect of your business and email marketing is only one of them. The bottom line is this: Are you getting the results you want? Maybe it’s time to get an expert opinion and find out how you can do better.

What’s in Your Audit?

After we dive in and evaluate your campaign, we’ll share with you ALL our knowledge about your existing efforts—the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll review your campaign top-to-bottom, using our two decades of experience, and provide you with industry benchmarks to consider.

Our email marketing audit covers the following areas:

  • Your email list. We’ll examine your email growth strategy, along with your bounce and unsubscribe rates to see where you stand.
  • Your website. We’ll review how well you’ve integrated email with your website and where you can improve.
  • Automation. We’ll examine your needs and usage for automation and provide feedback on those messages or needs.
  • Broadcasts. We’ll examine the design, voice, frequency, content, coding, branding, and more.
  • The little things. It’s the little things that add up and make a difference to your overall campaign—we’ll look at those, too.

Knowledge is power. Once you know what to improve, you can get started making your email campaign beautiful, compelling, and effective.

Email Marketing Audit Cover Sheet
100% Gurantee on Email Marketing Audit Logo


If you’re not completely satisfied with your audit, just let us know where we fell short and we’ll give you a 100% refund. We’re confident that you’ll believe it was worth every penny, and we’re willing to back it up in writing.

P. S. If you’d like for us to take over your email marketing program, 50% of your audit will be applied to your new campaign. (Offer valid 60 days from the date of your audit.)

The Advantage of an Email Marketing Audit

An email marketing audit is the best way to insure you’re making the most of email marketing. Studies show that email generates $42 for every $1 spent, making this a terrific return on investment. But all email marketing isn’t created equal. And that’s where an audit comes in.

Of course, the “a” word can strike terror in the hearts of even the savviest business owners. Fear not! Unlike a tax audit, an effective email marketing audit works to your advantage. It helps improve sales, eliminate guesswork, and relieve heavy lifting.

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The Importance of an Email Marketing Audit

Simply put, 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary channel for acquiring customers. With so much riding on effective promotional campaigns, an email marketing audit is critical to your success.

As part of your audit, we’ll send you a list of actionable ideas to fix your email marketing. Not only that, we’ll give you some fresh content ideas to win more business. This means less anxiety about promotion and more time to do the work you love.

Our Audit Goals

Ultimately, the goal of an email marketing audit is to check the effectiveness of your promotional operations and strategies. Our email marketing audit will cover all the bases:

  • Evaluate your digital sales and marketing performance
  • Inspect your email list
  • Pinpoint where your website and email integration can improve
  • Assess your automation needs
  • Analyze your branding consistency

When you understand what this email marketing audit will do for you, the investment will be a no-brainer. Naturally, working with professionals who are interested in what you do and why you do it is half the battle.

Our Email Marketing Audit Outcomes

Our email marketing audit can also make your business more functional. Coupled with marketing advice, we can help you fortify your resources:

  • Protect your reputation. The audit will check the number of bounces and SPAM complaints, as well as keep you off ISP blacklists.
  • Ensure deliverability. It’s not enough to have a great email list. We’ll see that your messages are hitting inboxes.
  • Ramp up security. Our review of your email marketing process can reveal any problems that compromise the security of your list.
  • Track effectiveness. We’ll take a look at hard data to see how many opens, clicks, and revenues are generated by your emails.
  • Improve quality. Our audit evaluates whether your subject lines and preheaders are resulting in conversions.

How Frequently You Should Be Audited

Ideally, you should get an email marketing audit once a year. Simply put, marketing regulations shift rapidly. It’s important to ensure you’re in compliance with current best practices.

Not only that, but an audit can alert you to the ever-changing ways people shop. Think of your email marketing audit like a car tune-up: regular maintenance will lengthen the life of your business.

The Best Time for Your Email Marketing Audit

If you’ve never had an email marketing audit, the time is now. Leveraging automated promotion to its fullest is critical to your success. The sooner you get the ball rolling with an email marketing audit, the faster you’ll win more business.

Conversely, putting off an audit will eat away at your bottom line. It’s much better to invest in your business’s growth than continue an email strategy with diminishing returns. Our email audits begin with a 30-minute consultation. After we get the low-down, we’ll begin our top-to-bottom email marketing audit by identifying actionable ways for you to improve your campaigns.

What You Can Gain from Our Email Marketing Audit

As we know from our 20+ years as email marketing experts, it’s easy to lose sight of promotional messaging. After all, you work hard to make your business run. This makes it difficult to recognize hidden potential. Our audit can alert you to areas you might have overlooked:

  • Untapped customer bases
  • Unclear messaging
  • Ignored sales opportunities
  • Fresh promotional approaches
  • Helpful integrations
  • Stagnant list growth
  • Ineffective automation strategies

That’s the beauty of our email marketing audit—it reveals weak spots before they become expensive liabilities.

Audit Looks Great on Boutique Fashion Store

To illustrate the advantage of a great email marketing audit, check out the work we performed for Poppy & Dot, a boutique online fashion store that brings stylish clothes to moms everywhere. Unlike their gorgeous merchandise, their website wasn’t turning heads.

poppy and dot logo

After reaching out to us for an audit, we gave them a customized digital marketing plan:

  • A SuperCollector™ giveaway to build their email list
  • An automated message series to welcome new customers, convert subscribers, and clean up their current list
  • Monthly meetings to evaluate their marketing strategies and build sales momentum
  • A formula for better leveraging the marketing tools in their arsenal like Shopify and Mailchimp
Subsequently, Poppy & Dot’s email marketing performance enjoyed a huge glow-up. With open rates up to 51% and click rates up to 8%, their automated welcome series became as pivotal as a little black dress. Additionally, their win-back campaign gets click rates of up to 62% and open rates up to 12%. And that’s to say nothing of their abandoned cart automated message, which has jaw-dropping open rates up to 61% and click rates up to 15%.

The Three Takeaways from Our Email Marketing Audit

After getting an audit from us, you’ll get three clear takeaways from our deep dive into your email marketing campaign:

Incisive assessment. We’ll take seven days to fully audit your email marketing system. You’ll discover what’s working, what’s not, and, best of all, where to steer your promotional ship.

Technical advice. Integration, automation, problem coding, Domain Name Service (DNS) authentication, SPAM traps… We’ll check your tech to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Creative input. After reviewing how your email marketing works, we’ll provide creative input to move your message forward.

An Added Bonus for Happy Audit Customers

Many audit clients have initial concerns about their email marketing, and their audits confirmed their suspicions and revealed even more problems. If you are considering our full-service solutions you can apply 50% of the audit cost to a new, custom-created campaign.

This option gives you the benefit of our two-plus decades of email marketing expertise. We know exactly how to craft messages that convert subscribers into consumers.

Don’t rely on your own efforts to get the job done—make an appointment with us. Our extensive experience will catch those little mistakes that add up to big financial losses.

How It Works

Get your email marketing audit in three easy steps:

email marketing audit

Book a Meeting

Schedule your intro meeting with us and pay your audit fee. We’ll give you a list of things to bring to our meeting so we can perform our audit without delay. You’ll have the opportunity to fill in any missing details during this meeting.

email marketing audit

Audit Begins

We will spend the next seven days performing our top-to-bottom audit, including the different areas mentioned above. We'll even include some fresh content ideas.

email marketing audit

Win More Business

We'll meet again, walk you through our findings, and send you a checklist of actionable steps so you can fix your email marketing and win more business.

Schedule Your Audit