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A NICU Nurse Sees What Families Go Through and Wants to Help

Every year in the United States, nearly half a million babies are born pre-term or with health challenges that require their stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). No parent is prepared for the experience.

Every Tiny Thing was created by a NICU nurse who knows the challenges these parents face daily (and all hours of the night)—away from the comforts of home, unable to be the primary caregivers of their children, exhausted, and plagued with worry.

Committed to Providing Hope, Comfort & Joy

The company offers expert guidance, empathy, and genuinely useful products to help these families cope, including:

  • Journals to track daily happenings and cherished moments
  • Milestone cards to celebrate positive developments
  • Decorations to make the hospital room feel like home
  • Informative and resourceful blog posts for NICU families

Every Tiny Thing is committed to making sure these parents get the hope, comfort, and joy they need through their stressful NICU journeys.

But the Company Needed a Strategy

After a thorough discovery process, Email Broadcast provided a plan to help the company get their message and products to family and friends of NICU babies. It was clear that Every Tiny Thing could benefit from a solid lead magnet, and an automated sales series to sell the products offered. This solution would capitalize on the existing web traffic, build the email list, and provide automated messages that would do the selling—all without breaking the bank.

Luckily, our hero Trish had already written a 20-page e-book entitled Bonding in the NICU, which we knew would directly relate to her website visitors and provide valuable information. So we set up a SupercollectorTM with that offer and the signups immediately started coming in.

Email Marketing Gets Meaningful Products Into the Hands of Those Who Need Them

The following series of automated emails were written by our team for those who’ve joined the list—parents of NICU babies and the people who wish to support them with thoughtful gifts: 

Welcome Email for New Baby

“You Are Not Alone” introduces the company’s mission and reminds families in the NICU that there are people who understand what they’re going through. The email features the promised e-book and other helpful resources.

Encouragement Email for New Baby

“You Are More Powerful Than You Think” informs readers of ways they can make the NICU experience feel less overwhelming and a little more like home with products like crib art and milestone cards. 

Encouragement Email for New Baby

“It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint” reminds parents to nurture themselves with important self-care, sleep, and support, and encourages them to share their stories on Every Tiny Things’ social media support network.

NICU Families Become Empowered

How’s the strategy working?

The Supercollector is adding over 120 new people per month, converting almost 4% of the web traffic into contacts. With regard to the automation messages, the first email alone has a 56% open rate and a 42% click rate. The other emails have 51% and 40% open rates, respectively, with click rates as high as 17%. All of this has resulted in thousands of dollars in new sales that may have otherwise been missed.

New people per month added 


Over 50% average open rate on emails in the campaign


Click rates as high as 17% for emails in this campaign

It’s the company’s mission not only to get these important resources into the hands of NICU families and those who love them, but also to transform the fear and helplessness they feel into joy, hope, and beauty.

Email marketing is a simple, profound way to do that. Just as Every Tiny Thing is nurturing babies until they can survive at home with their loving parents, Email Broadcast is helping companies transition from part-time hobbies—like that of this dedicated NICU nurse—to full-time enterprises. If you’d like to know more about how Email Broadcast can help you empower your customers and take your business to the next level, we’d love to chat.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Like a lot of startup business owners, I felt overwhelmed with way too much on my plate and wanted to find experts to help with important business tasks. I learned about Email Broadcast from a friend, but was concerned that they only helped larger businesses.

I was excited after talking with them when I realized they could customize an email marketing plan to fit my budget and still create positive results. I was impressed by their creativity, as well as their professional process. It felt good to be in the hands of experts—it’s exactly how I try to make my frightened NICU families feel.

So far we’ve had a large increase in the size of our email list, and the automated messages are delivering smoothly. We’re now in the middle of tweaking our messaging that I’m hoping will create even more powerful sales results. Now that I know what’s involved with a professional email marketing campaign, I can definitely recommend working with the experts at Email Broadcast.”

Trish Ringley, RN

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