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Cold Email For Small Businesses

The days of door-to-door selling and cold calling are over, but their triumphs aren’t lost on the world of small business email marketing.

Cold email outreach (think: virtual door knocking) for business-to-business (B2B) solutions remains one of best ways to gain new customers in your target market. Even with the explosion of social media’s paid advertising opportunities and web content ranking, email outreach (like its predecessors) yields a higher return on investments (ROI) than its competition.

But that doesn’t mean we throw the kitchen sink at it. To produce maximum ROI, successful cold email marketing is a delicate dance between strategic planning and planned execution.

Cold email

When You Need Speed, Simplicity, and Results

Ramp up cold email with speed


Successful cold email programs start with warming up the critical infrastructure components that ensure email deliverability. What does this mean? You need to give your IP address or domain a good reputation. If you don’t, you’ll end up in the spam folder. There is no shortcut on this warm-up period; there are hundreds of tasks that need to occur to make it happen. This is how you get deliverability and speed.

Our team of experts takes care of all this to ensure your program is up and running as soon as possible.

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You don’t have time to get into how cold email outreach works. We get that. But a cold email solution that puts you in charge of connecting with new customers is what you need.

What you do

  1. Decide on which prospective customers to send to.
  2. Craft the perfect message (with our help!) to get those potential customers to take action.

What we do: Everything else.

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A successful cold email outreach solution can get your business’s value proposition in front of your prospects at a massive scale.

What does this do for your sales funnel?
+ more prospects
+ more replies
+ more meetings booked
= growth

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Purpose-Built Solutions for Small B2B Businesses

You have unique needs—and trying to use tools meant for businesses that have the resources to handle complexity is not sustainable. It can actually make it harder to accomplish your goals.

Email Broadcast has developed a purpose-built solution for your needs and taken it one step further… by making it transparent.

Focus on your customers with cold email

Focus On Your Customers (We’ll Handle the Rest)

  • Control your message.
  • Make the biggest impact.
  • Create personalization that matters.
  • Spend time converting interested customers into sales.

Impact Through Automation

  • Automation makes critical tasks happen.
  • Follow-up emails deliver without intervention.
  • Automation launches when a customer takes action (like replying to an email).
  • Give your business the ability to scale upward.
Cold email automation

Lead Catcher Makes You Efficient

  • Replies from prospective customers are processed immediately.
  • Unsubscribe requests, out-of-office responses, and any other unproductive responses get filtered out.
  • Hot leads are immediately passed to you or anyone you delegate.

Empowered with Actionable Data

  • Get automatic summary reports delivered to your inbox.
  • Analyze critical data as it comes in.
  • See key statistics such as open rates, hot, warm, and lukewarm leads, unsubscribe, and out-of-office messages.
  • Watch trends over time.
Actionable data for your cold emails
Cold email A/B testing

Fast Iterations for Improved Results

Results come when you identify the right target audience and get them to take action with the right message. A strong subject line leads to opened messages—and a powerful message gets you responses.

Plus, we make A/B testing or “split” testing easy:

  • Create a hypothesis to test.
  • See outreach impact in near-real time.
  • Easily accept or reject the test.

Be Seen by More Prospects

+ more prospects
+ more replies
+ more meetings booked
= growth

Behind The Scenes We Take Care Of The Rest

Create Separate Domains for Your Cold Emails

Setting up new domains for cold email outreach is crucial for protecting your main domain. This helps keep you from being blacklisted and also allows you to track conversations more easily. With a new domain, we set up your platform behind the scenes without any messages sent from the main domain. It’s like having two separate identities… with one that focuses entirely on cold email outreach. We provide this service with ease, so that our customers feel confident in their cold email campaign success.

Toast Those IPs and Domains Right Up

One of the most important steps we take in setting up a cold email outreach platform is warming up your IP and domain addresses. It’s important to take the time to do this properly in order to ensure campaign integrity and avoid being marked as spam. We warm up an IP address and domain by setting up your platform behind the scenes and gradually send out blasts of emails on an incremental basis over a span of several weeks or months. As we continue to send out campaigns, we increase the volume incrementally so your sending will become more consistent and therefore trustworthy and reputable.

Validate. Validate. And Validate.

Email validation is a critical part of cold email outreach. It’s how we make sure your emails are reaching their intended target. We do this by focusing on verifying various metrics and ensuring your messages land safely in inboxes instead of being marked as spam or rejected altogether.

Keeping your cold email outreach accounts validated means you don’t experience delays or disruption in communicating with potential leads, which can make all the difference when it comes to driving sales and expanding your business reach

Let’s review what impacts deliverability:

  • Domain and IP reputation.
  • Too many sends or bounced emails.
  • Email Service Providers’ (ESP) algorithms that flag messages as spam.
  • End users marking you as spam.

That’s why we continually monitor your cold email program details and proactively spot issues before they become a problem.

Compliance with Federal and State Regulations

Researching cold email outreach regulations can be daunting, and in the United States, we have robust federal and state regulations to follow. We adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act from the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) when marketing to prospective clients via email. Compliance with these regulations is vital for any cold email campaign, and we take it very seriously. Failure to meet them could result in significant penalties — a risk that no business should take.

Why Email Broadcast?

  • Purpose-built solutions for small B2B businesses
  • Speed, simplicity, and results
  • Take the “how” out of your daily priorities
  • Handle everything behind the scenes
  • Deliver ROI

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