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Knik River Lodge Wanted to Grow

Drive 11 miles along the banks of Alaska’s Knik River—its glacial waters drifting past—and you’ll eventually find yourself, well, at the end of the road. There in the valley, nestled at the base of Chugach State Park’s mountain range, is a romantic cluster of red-roofed cabins fully stocked with the amenities you might expect in a city hotel.

Knik River Lodge is the last bastion of civilization. You simply can’t get any closer to the real Alaskan wilderness while still enjoying the creature comforts of home. Book a stay and you’ll get a good night’s sleep, delicious Alaska Grown dining with fresh, local ingredients, spectacular views, and adventure (and the occasional moose) at your doorstep.

Leveraging Their Amazing Location & Tours

It’s no wonder the lodge boasts the Trip Advisor Award of Excellence. In addition to exceptional hospitality and comfort, guests can experience the following from right outside their cabins:

  • Dogsledding adventures
  • Helicopter tours with glacial landings
  • Farm visits and cooking lessons using fresh, local ingredients
  • Hiking excursions to secret wonders

What’s more—Knik River Lodge is a great place to hold events. Couples can book intimate weddings, businesses can host employee retreats, and film crews can capture their stories before an impressive Alaskan backdrop.

They Discovered an Opportunity

With all this going for it, you might wonder what a company like Knik River Lodge would need Email Broadcast for. The truth is that a business can have a great product, excellent service, and impeccable reviews—and still be missing a critical opportunity to connect with customers and boost sales through email marketing. A strong email campaign remains the #1 marketing tool for return on investment.

After carefully listening to their story, we discovered that one of the most undermarketed aspects of the property was its event hosting—especially weddings. These were high-dollar occasions and Knik River Lodge needed a marketing plan with an attention-getting offer. We decided to implement our SuperCollector™. What’s a SuperCollector? It’s a custom join form on a company’s website designed to collect email addresses and ultimately convert casual, curious browsers into passionate, paying customers.

So They Created an Exciting Offer

“Win a free romantic getaway.” That’s what visitors see when they open the events pages on Knik River Lodge’s website and the SuperCollector greets them on their screens. By submitting their email addresses, they’re automatically entered in the lodge’s quarterly drawing to win a trip package worth over $300, including breakfast and dessert, and the chance to experience the location’s magic for themselves.

Plus, once they’ve joined the list, site visitors receive an automated series in their inboxes about events at Knik River Lodge, each email with an important call to action encouraging them to book a free 20-minute consultation.

And Are Seeing Fantastic Results


Over 10% of people viewing Knik River Lodge’s SuperCollector are submitting their names and email addresses. (If you’ve done your research, you know that most sites can expect a 1–2% conversion rate on list generators; at Email Broadcast, we can typically score a 2–4% conversion rate with the right offer.)


Open rates for the automated series are in the 60% range, and click-through rates are at 20–30%. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’m thrilled with the work Email Broadcast has done so far. Seeing the numbers come through makes the effort and investment worth it—and we’re still only in the onboarding process! Everything is coming together and weekly meetings help keep us on track. 

To see a 10% conversion rate on the SuperCollector is incredible. It reaffirms our decision to commit to email marketing. I’m confident that even if that’s the only interaction the customer has with us, we’ll stay ‘top of mind.’ Plus, we’re enticing folks to communicate and interact with us in general. 

The guests who DO win the giveaway present even better opportunities—they’re more likely to stay longer than the single night offered, to book an event at the lodge, and become brand ambassadors.

Last but not least, it’s reassuring to know that even if I don’t have time to work on the marketing side or wedding side of the business development in a given week, the Email Broadcast team did.” 

—Roberta Warner, Director of Business Development, Knik River Lodge

Your Turn for Adventure

So if you’re looking for a real Alaskan adventure in the remote wilderness but would prefer a comfy bed every night to a sleeping bag on the ground—or if you want to throw a knock-out event (like your own wedding), make sure you consider Knik River Lodge. If you’re looking for ideas on how to engage your audience, collect new contacts, or sell out high-dollar event space please book an appointment.

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