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Industries we focus on

Focus creates expertise and our expertise is what gets you the best results.

Breaking down your business growth goals into specific strategies and then applying the right tool is where we start and we end with a sustainable growth engine for your business.

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Solar Marketing

You’re selling a complex product, which requires a specific marketing strategy so you’re not spending all your time following up with prospective clients.

We specialize in email marketing for renewable energy:

  • Solar panel installation—commercial and residential
  • Solar panel maintenance
  • Back-up batteries and generators
eeBee aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic Medicine Marketing

We help aesthetic medicine providers grow their practices, turning prospective clients into loyal, raving fans. We understand what’s important to you and your clients, and keep your services and products top of mind.

We provide expert marketing for:

  • Cosmetic medicine
  • Laser hair removal and body sculpting
  • MedSpa and MediSpa
  • Chiropractors
  • Cosmetic dermatology
eeBee adventure travel

Adventure Travel Marketing

Sell out your season with expert email marketing! We’ll guide your email campaign so you can focus on serving your guests.

We specialize in:

  • Safaris
  • Bespoke vacations
  • Backcountry explorations
  • Quick getaways
  • Family experiences
  • Unexplored territories
Furniture shopping

Furniture Retailer Marketing

Great furniture marketing generates a very high ROI. We’ll help you get more customers (and keep them!), sell more furniture, and increase profits with email marketing.

We partner with:

  • Custom manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Consignment stores
  • Furniture chains
  • eCommerce
Furniture shopping

Business-To-Business (B2B) Marketing

B2B email marketing is a highly successful way to build relationships, increase selling power, and become a leader in your industry—when it’s carefully curated.

We take a two-pronged approach:

  • Build your external business to help you bring in a steady stream of leads—and then nurture them.
  • Help manage your internal communications with employees to help onboard new hires and retain current employees.
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Real Estate Broker Marketing

Never miss another deal with an expert email marketing strategy. We’ll help you stay top-of-mind with each prospect—even the ones you haven’t thought about in years.

We help brokers of all types survive their business cycles:

  • Real estate
  • Planes
  • Securities
  • Businesses
  • And more
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eCommerce Marketing

There’s been a big shift in email marketing for eCommerce. Is your marketing keeping up to effectively reach your target audience and bring real value to your customers?

We help eCommerce clients of all types:

  • Furniture
  • Pets
  • Clothing
  • Printing
  • Education
  • Books
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • And many more
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Lawyer Marketing

Grow your practice and stop missing opportunities with the right email marketing strategy. We’ll help you craft the perfect messaging that reaches the right audience with the right message at the right time—so you can focus on serving your clients.

We serve lawyers of all types:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Tax
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Injury
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Retail Marketing

Increase traffic, close more business, lower overhead, and maximize your retail sales with expert email marketing help. Our retail clients get big results:

  • A furniture retailer went from zero in email sales to over $10M per year. Another sold $430K one weekend targeting 8% of its list.
  • A fishing lodge increased sales 37% in the first year. Another booked 70% of its business using automation.
  • An eCommerce site for pets grew their list 275% adding 14K new subscribers per month.
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Startup Marketing

Grow your business faster and focus on what matters to you most by handing over your email marketing to the experts.

We help:

  • Free your time and spend less
  • Develop a strategy
  • Tell your brand story and maintain consistency
  • Increase your customer base
  • Drive traffic back to your site
  • So much more
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Non-Profit Marketing

Your focus should be on changing the world, not on your email marketing efforts. Our experts will help you inspire your members, raise more funds, and focus on the big picture with the right campaign strategy.

  • We’ve help non-profits:
  • Introduce their cause and build awareness
  • Communicate opportunities for support
  • Create a network of loyal fans