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Scale Your Business With Email Marketing Automation Tools

Figuring out how to market and scale your business can be scary. What is the best marketing strategy to build your brand? What email marketing services do you need? How do you connect with prospects and customers so you don’t annoy them, but they don’t forget you either? We frequently hear these questions from business owners.

Our advice—email marketing automation tools can scale your business and build your brand regardless of your company’s size.

Leveraging Automation Tools

Using email marketing automation tools will free you from mundane tasks. It can increase leads, develop a relationship with customers, and effortlessly move them through a sales funnel. And the best part—you can do all this without ever “clicking a button.” Email marketing automation tools come in all shapes and sizes, but let’s start with the basics.

What are email marketing automation tools?

Email marketing automation tools complete digital marketing tasks to save you time, scale marketing campaigns, and grow revenue. These powerful tools target individuals preferences and behaviors with personalized content to boost engagement and conversions. Additionally, they tell your brand story, which builds a relationship between you and the customer. Examples of email marketing automation tools include triggered and lifecycle emails, social media posting, customer segmentation, and time-bound marketing efforts. Also, many marketing automation tools include SMS options as more consumers are interested in receiving text from their favorite brands. Lastly, email marketing automation tools lessen the chance of human error—and targets customers at the best time.

Key Benefits of Email Marketing Automation Tools

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Targeted analytics and reporting

Email marketing automation tools produce impressive analytics to learn customers’ behaviors. Harnessing this information can help you create customer segments. Moreover, this enables you to send targeted messages, build better drip campaigns, and gain insights to scale your business.

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Centralized marketing automation platform

Using one marketing automation tool for your email marketing, content, and social media is more efficient and a cost savings. Also, no more having to remember several “strong” passwords.

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Lower operating costs

Setting up email marketing automation tools can take time. However, once triggers are set, content is written, and messages are built, you can sit back and analyze the results. With this in mind, you can lower your head count or reallocate a staff member’s time to other marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Automation Tools You Should Know About


From audience management to lifecycle automations to website building, this email marketing automation tool has all the features you need. Mailchimp’s platform “helps small businesses do big things.” Namely by offering email automation and social media ads, together with offline marketing such as mailing postcards to lookalike audiences. Equally important is MailChimp’s flexible pricing model, which includes a free service. But if you aren’t a fan, there are plenty of Mailchimp alternatives.


HubSpot CRM includes five platforms or “hubs”—marketing, sales, CMS, service, and operations. This full suite of software is powered by one database, enabling marketing and sales to work off the same contact record. It creates a delightful (and consistent) customer experience. In addition to a paid service, HubSpot offers a free version with a limited feature set. Thus, the size of a business, marketing strategy, and budget will determine which service fits your needs.


Deeply rooted in data science and machine-based learning, Klaviyo is an email marketing automation tool that targets customer marketing campaigns. Many brands work with Klaviyo for their email and SMS marketing capabilities, as well as personalized social media marketing. Notable features that set this marketing automation tool apart are the comprehensive analytics reporting and Klaviyo Benchmarks. Businesses can compare their revenue and growth rates to comparable businesses in real-time versus past performance.


Customer Experience Automation is the hallmark of this marketing automation tool. It’s designed to grow your business with an easy drag-and-drop email builder, visual automation tool, and intuitive CRM. ActiveCampaign has built a “library of predictive recipes and free marketing tools” based on best practices from their 145,000 customers. Plus, they have over 850 integrations to connect ecommerce, social, and other platforms you may already be using.

Constant Contact

“Work smarter, not harder” is Constant Contact’s mantra—which accurately sums up this marketing automation tool. Not only does Constant Contact feature email and social marketing, they offer a powerful ecommerce platform, a website builder, and analytic tools. This all-in-one marketing automation tool easily integrates with Shopfiy, WordPress, Salesforce, and other platforms.

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot is a leading marketing automation tool in the B2B space. Developed by Salesforce, Pardot is a full marketing and sales solution that acquires leads and increases engagement to shorten the sales cycle. This robust marketing automation tool includes a lead management system that scores leads and prioritizes them for the sales team. Additional features include email marketing, ROI reporting, and artificial intelligence.

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Finding the Best Email Marketing Automation Tool For You

In the end, whichever company you choose, optimizing email marketing automation tools is its own beast to tame. It doesn’t matter how intuitive the platform is, or how high-tech and user-friendly the features are. Sending compelling messaging that garners high click rates and consistently converts sales is a necessary skill to master—but that’s just the start. You’ll also need a solid strategy that will handle website integration, design, merging with your CRM, understanding reporting and more. If you don’t know how to use marketing automation tools to your advantage, you’re never going to get your money out of it… even if it only costs you time.

That’s why the best choice for choosing and setting up a marketing automation tool is hiring an email marketing agency. Email Broadcast has a staff of experts in every area related to digital marketing campaigns. Specifically in content creation, graphic design, technical support, and more. Don’t try to manage email marketing automation tools by yourself. Hire a crew who knows just how to operate it. Then let us help you grow and get the most out of your customer relationships.

Do you want to see what Email Broadcast can do for your email marketing? Schedule a 20-minute interview today and find out what we can do for you.

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What Rob Kelley, VP of Marketing at Mor Furniture for Less says

“Email Broadcast got us started in email marketing nine years ago, and we couldn’t be happier with their service and the results.

We’re now driving over $10,000,000 per year in sales that we can directly attribute to our email campaign after starting from zero.

As a lean, growing company, it’s great to include them as part of our marketing team. We have enough to do without learning all the technical requirements of running a world-class email campaign.”

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What Clyde Carlson, Owner of Hakai Lodge says

“Since they took over last year our bookings were immediately up 37% and we had our best year EVER.”

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What Trey Smith, President of Ivan Smith says

“We now are working months ahead on our campaign, and our email list is one of the most valuable marketing tools in our arsenal. In addition to being effective at what they do, it feels like Email Broadcast is a true partner and members of our marketing team. I recommend them wholeheartedly.”

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What Dr. Julia Carroll, Owner of Compass Dermatology says

“My experience with Email Broadcast has been excellent since we started together in 2014. They really get our ‘voice’ which helps in communicating our message. As a small operation, the ability to outsource this aspect of our marketing has meant consistent messages with great feedback from patients.”

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What Eric Walcyzkowski of College Baseball Match says

“Email Broadcast has been instrumental in helping us launch College Baseball Match. They have been a good investment—getting a whole email marketing department for a good value.”

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What Maggie Shaefer, Marketing Coordinator at Optic Nerve says

“Email Broadcast has given us the chance to not only increase sales, but also the number of customers returning to our site through their abandoned cart automation. They helped us capitalize on a new channel we were overlooking and we have seen nothing but positive returns from it!”

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What Roberta Warner, Director of Business Development at Knik River Lodge says

I’m thrilled with the work Email Broadcast has done so far…To see a 10% conversion rate on the SuperCollector is incredible. It reaffirms our decision to commit to email marketing…and it’s reassuring to know that even if I don’t have time to work on the marketing side or wedding side of the business development in a given week, the Email Broadcast team did”

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What Lorien Clemens, Director of Marketing at PetHub says

“Working with the Email Broadcast team has been a fantastic experience. Not only are the emails they produce for us simply gorgeous (and SO on point with our brand and voice!), we just love the flexibility and functionality of the templates they’ve created—finally we have continuity with email marketing and website experience. 

From the moment we started working on projects with them, we knew we were in great hands, and we LOVE the incredible communication and guidance Email Broadcast maintains with us—their process is exemplary and the team is crazy fun and super talented. They work so hard to know us, understand our needs, and build fabulous content for our customers that helps PetHub reach its business goals.”

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What Trish Ringley, RN says

“Like a lot of startup business owners, I felt overwhelmed with way too much on my plate… I was excited after talking with Email Broadcast when I realized they could customize an email marketing plan to fit my budget and still create positive results…So far we’ve had a large increase in the size of our email list, and the automated messages are delivering… I can definitely recommend working with the experts at Email Broadcast.” 

Stop Ineffective Email Marketing and Finally Achieve Your Business Dreams

You can hire our team of Mailchimp experts at Email Broadcast who’ve been focused on this medium since 2000 and finally achieve your business dreams…. Or continue making the same classic mistakes that almost all businesses make with their email marketing that will slow your growth and endanger the future of your company. Choose wisely.

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