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The Email Broadcast BrandBuilder

Is your messaging clear throughout your marketing efforts?

Our BrandBuilder service will help you position your brand in a concise, unique, and understandable way that reflects your brand personality and voice and resonates with your target audience and current customers. Use this brand positioning across your website, social media, video, traditional, and email marketing, so no matter where you’re reaching customers, your brand message is clear.

BrandBuilder services start at $1500 and are currently only offered to our email marketing clients.

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BrandBuilder Services

BrandBuilder is an invaluable service to ensure your brand has the maximum impact on customers. By offering a clear, consistent message about your business across different marketing channels, you get results that are obvious and measurable.

Here are the three main branding services we offer and how they can impact your business:

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Website Wireframe

If your website needs an overhaul, we’ll make sure the new version uses a story to create results.


Brand Scripts

Whether it’s a brand script for your next commercial, introductory video, social media post, or networking event – knowing what to say will be solved.

Email Marketing

Most companies can benefit from an expert email campaign which is our specialty.

A Full-Service Email Marketing Agency to Build Your Brand

Do you broadcast a clear message through your marketing efforts? When you clearly communicate how you solve a customer’s problem or meet their needs, conversions come quickly. Potential customers get a handle on what you offer and represent, which inspires confidence. Accordingly, the door opens to an ongoing relationship that serves you both.

With clients from a variety of industries, including adventure travel, aesthetic medicine, furniture retailers, solar energy, and more, we know how to uniquely position your brand to your target audience. Moreover, we deliver this message in a way that’s both meaningful and engaging.

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BrandBuilder Asks and Answers Critical Questions

As a full-service email marketing agency with over 20 years of experience, we offer a BrandBuilder service that can be applied across all your marketing channels. In order to clearly position your brand, we do a deep dive into your business to identify these key details:

  • How your brand is currently positioned
  • Who your direct competitors are
  • Where your competitors position their brands
  • Why your brand is unique
  • What distinct position makes sense for your brand

Inform Your Marketing Strategy with BrandBuilder

Once we establish your brand position, the next part of the process begins. Whether you are an ecommerce business that merits frequent repeat business, a luxury goods store that aims to sell merchandise during particular seasons, or a non-profit organization that educates and empowers readers, your marketing strategy should reflect that.

Along with our BrandBuilder service, Email Broadcast can devise a marketing strategy that supports—rather than undermines—your brand. The result is engaging, authentic messages that make readers stop scrolling, start reading, and begin clicking.

Use Your Brand Voice Across All Marketing Platforms

For the purpose of consistency, craft all your marketing messages with your brand sensibility. As a result, readers get a clear picture of who you are and what you have to offer. Moreover, your brand becomes instantly recognizable, regardless of which platform you use to convey a particular message.

With BrandBuilder, you can apply consistent messaging across these mediums:

Automated marketing campaigns—Welcome messages, abandoned cart notifications, and VIP service series contain the same look and feel that characterizes your brand.

Social media posts—When readers scroll through their social media feeds, they instantly recognize your posts and know it’s worth their time to stop and read them.

Videos—Craft how-to and informational videos that convey your brand’s voice through both words and images.

Newsletters—Use your newsletter to not only share information about products and services, but also to demonstrate what kind of experience your business offers.

Website—Treat your website like a calling card for visitors who want to learn more about you. When your brand voice is consistent across every page, you bolster your credibility as a professional operation that’s worth time, money, and engagement.

See the Difference with BrandBuilder

Currently, we only offer BrandBuilder services to our email marketing clients. To see a marked improvement in your email marketing game, book an appointment. Not only do we craft professional campaigns that set you apart, but we position your brand right where it belongs.

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