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I contacted Ken Maher to see if he could assist us with some of our digital marketing needs. While he didn't have the specific solition that we were seeking, he made an introduction to somebody else who might. That's selfless customer service!
Korry Stagnito Avatar
Korry S.
I’m one of the family members of Ivan Smith furniture, which is a third generation family owned & operated retailer managing 47 stores in LA, AR, and TX since 1961. We began working with Email Broadcast in 2009. After 24 months some of our team wanted to move all of the email marketing in-house thinking we could do it ourselves, so we did. That was a costly mistake. Our email marketing became inconsistent, and predictable also landed us in the spam folder, which took a lot of work to undo. We made the decision to partner back with Email Broadcast and our messaging and success took back off and have been Email Broadcast customers ever since. We now are working months ahead on our campaign, and our email list is one of the most valuable marketing tools in our arsenal. In addition to being effective at what they do, it feels like Email Broadcast is a true partner and members of our marketing team. They are reliable and consistently bring ideas outside of email marketing that are valuable. I recommend them wholeheartedly. Trey Smith - Ivan Smith Furniture
Trey Smith - Ivan Smith Furniture Avatar
Trey S.
We've been working with E-mail Broadcast for over a year now and we are really happy. Their thoroughness and communication with our team is outstanding. We wanted to add value to our customers and give them the latest solar updates so they can be informed. I've personally been working with Linsie on the monthly projects and she is great, very easy to work with and touches base with us once a week to make sure we stay on track. Very reliable company that helps us implement new marketing ideas, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them. Thank you for all your hard work E-mail Broadcast team!
Eric Piekarczyk Avatar
Eric P.
Ken and his team at Email Broadcast did a fantastic job executing an Email Audit for us. Our company's been using email marketing for years with multiple autoresponders, trigger sends, and multiple broadcast sends per week. After years of doing the same things, we wanted a fresh set of eyes to look at our strategy and let us know how we could improve. The final deliverable was great, they took a look at: sign up flow, sending pace, technical aspects, copy, story telling, design, and much more. It gave us a long list of things to work on which is exactly what we wanted. We'll be in touch with Ken again soon to help us incorporate the Stroybrand frame work into some of our autoresponders!
Bobby Bishop Avatar
Bobby B.
Ken Mahar put me on the email marketing "learning curve". I learned more from him in 20 minutes than in various meetings with so-called Mailchimp experts. I've used various Upwork contractors. He's on the list of "go to" people.
Ken Kaszak Avatar
Ken K.
I took a leap of faith two months ago when I hired Email Broadcast. I am a solopreneur, in business for almost 20 years. I've reached a point where, if my business will grow, I need the help. With Email Broadcast, the team is precise, professional and I can rely on them to do exactly what they say they will do -- and more. They have worked hard to not only uphold their end of the "to-do" list but also to send me extensive comments about improving the website to improve ROI once an email is sent. The emails that have been sent look professional and are in my voice and style. The super collectors to gather emails of those visiting my site are clean and inviting -- just the way I wish I had the skill to do and would do if I wasn't so busy running my business. We won't know for a little while what the results of these campaigns will be but I can't imagine that with a forward-facing email campaign that looks this professional can be anything but a huge success.
Karena Thek Avatar
Karena T.
Speaking with Ken today was very refreshing - even though my company isn't ready for all their amazing services he took the time to answer my questions and freely gave me valuable advice on how to make my little venture grow successfully. Good to know there are still honest and value driven businesses like this in our world.
Jan Wolterman Avatar
Jan W.
Really appreciated the insights and assistance that we got. We are a small not for profit organization and a little goes a long way. Email Broadcast helped us over the hump! Highly recommend.
Denise Leclair Avatar
Denise L.
Email Broadcast really are a cut above in terms of their email services. This would be a very good place for any company looking to scale up and automate their email marketing, to really make sure no money is being left on the table. They have a very thorough on-boarding process and their QA for outgoing emails is robust and up-to-date. They excel in MailChimp in particular and have a very detailed understanding of the differences between tags, groups and audiences, all of which can be put to use for top-class segmentation. Full disclaimer, due to complicated legacy issues with our CRM, we could not ultimately benefit from Email Broadcast's suite of services but I was impressed at the scope and intricate knowledge the entire team displayed during an extensive discussion period. They were very generous with their knowledge and time.
Sarah Kershaw Avatar
Sarah K.
I met with Ken for about 30 minutes and he did everything he said he would do for our company. No false promises with Email Broadcast. I highly recommend you do a consultation with Ken Mahar.Otis with Custom Products & Sales
Otis Jackson Avatar
Otis J.
When I took over the marketing helm at Knik River Lodge, I knew we had a great property to sell. The problem was we had a lean staff, and there were lots of projects that needed work. I knew a first-class email campaign would pay dividends, but also recognized that it was a bigger job than we could tackle. Email Broadcast made it easy for us to say yes because they listened, and their proposal was exactly what we needed. I'm thrilled with the results and look forward to continued efforts to improve our communication and engagement with our audience. Thanks Email Broadcast team!
Roberta Caenepeel Avatar
Roberta C.
Ken and his team are phenomenal - our business has grown exponentially since we started properly utilizing email marketing. I HIGHLY recommend Email Broadcast's services to all business owners!
August Erickson Avatar
August E.
We were teamed up with Email Broadcast after winning a year long campaign that they so generously donated through a national giving back contest. This was this first time we had ever worked on a consistent email campaign, so we weren't sure what to expect. All I can say is wow! The staff was incredible, holding our hand the entire way, making sure we understood what was happening, why it was happening and how it could improve. Our email list has grown, our "fans" our engaged and our members are in the know, all through this one campaign. As a nonprofit organization, budget is always on our mind, but continuing this campaign is a no brainer.
Jeff Ewelt Avatar
Jeff E.
Working with the Email Broadcast team has been a fantastic experience. Not only are the emails they produce for us simply gorgeous (and SO on point with our brand and voice!), we just love the flexibility and functionality of the templates they’ve created -- finally we have continuity with email marketing and website experience. From the moment we started working on projects with them, we knew we were in great hands, and we LOVE the incredible communication and guidance Email Broadcast maintains with us -- their process is exemplary and the team is crazy fun and super talented. They work so hard to know us, understand our needs, and build fabulous content for our customers that helps PetHub reach our business goals.
Lorien Clemens Avatar
Lorien C.
My experience with Email Broadcast has been excellent since we started together in 2014. They really get "our voice" which helps in communicating our message. As a small operation the ability to out source this aspect of our marketing has meant consistent messages with great feedback from patients.
Julia Carroll Avatar
Julia C.
Email Broadcast has been instrumental in helping us launch College Baseball Match. We initiated our relationship in 2017 and they have been a good investment, especially for lean firm - getting a whole email marketing department for a good value (tech api engineering, design, copywriting, strategy).
Eric Walczykowski Avatar
Eric W.
I am a small time Fine Art Photographer who has been collecting email addresses of friends, clients, associates, and people who have made purchases of my Fine Art Photography. I used to send out emails informing everyone of my upcoming events with not much success.I then hooked up with Email Broadcast, they create a newsletter that goes out monthly and the response is phenomenal. Their team put together content that I had never even thought of, not just about me, but also what I could do for them.They have improved my sales, clients, and followers and I am now able to track who looks at my newsletter, how many times they click, and what subject matter excites them most. This allows me to focus on which images I should be printing for my public events.I am continually receiving response from people commenting on my newsletter, how informative the subject matter is, even if it had nothing to do with photography. I am being made to look like a genius.Thank you Email Broadcast for improving my business.
Ken Mahar Avatar
Ken M.