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Korry Stagnito AvatarKorry S.

I contacted Ken Maher to see if he could assist us with some of our digital marketing needs. While he didn't have the specific solition that we were seeking, he made an introduction to somebody else who might. That's selfless customer service! - 9/03/2021 

Karena Thek AvatarKarena T.

I took a leap of faith two months ago when I hired Email Broadcast. I am a solopreneur, in business for almost 20 years. I've reached a point where, if my business will grow, I need the help. With Email Broadcast, the team is precise, professional and I can rely on them to do exactly what they say they will do -- and more. They have worked hard to not only uphold their end of the "to-do" list but also to send me extensive comments about improving the website to improve ROI once an email is sent. The emails that have been sent look professional and are in my voice and style. The super collectors to gather emails of those visiting my site are clean and inviting -- just the way I wish I had the skill to do and would do if I wasn't so busy running my business. We won't know for a little while what the results of these campaigns will be but I can't imagine that with a forward-facing email campaign that looks this professional can be anything but a huge success. - 2/18/2021 

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