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Full-Service Email Marketing


Growing a business is hard…
…email makes it easier.
Email Marketing

Use Cold Email To Start Business Conversations With New Leads.

eeBee Cold Email Outreach
Email Campaign Management

Use Email Marketing To Capitalize On Your Subscriber List.

Send emails that start business conversations

Tools + Talent mean the right solution for you

Custom Tools To Make It Easy For you

Team Members Who Are Easily Accessable If You Need a Little Help

Inhouse Experts Who Can Do It For You.

Most Businesses Struggle with Email Marketing & It’s Costing Them a Fortune in Missed Opportunities

Very few businesses have the experience, skills, and people to run a successful email campaign. Sadly, what should be a major revenue source (get the stats) actually ends up costing you money on lost opportunities.

We’re an email marketing agency, and hiring our team of experts will help you win more business.

To find out if we can help your business, simply book an appointment and we’ll spend 20 minutes talking about your specific case and whether or not you can profit from expert email marketing. The consultation is free, and you will come away knowing more about your potential opportunities to win more business.

Book a free consultation now because every moment you wait is probably costing you sales.

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Email Strategy and Audit

Get an expert assessment of your current email marketing efforts, if any, and receive a step-by-step roadmap to growing your business with powerful email techniques.

Email marketing audit

Cold Email Outreach

Get your message in front of a lot of potential customers who do not know you yet.

eeBee Cold Email Outreach

+ more prospects
+ more replies
+ more booked meetings
= growth


Trade Show ROI Booster

Significantly improve the ROI on your trade shows by automating 1) inviting potential customers to come to your booth, 2) making it easy to capture leads, 3) automatically follow up with your leads to move them towards purchase.

eeBee at tradeshow

Email Marketing Automation

Send the right message to your prospect at the perfect moment to increase your conversion rate and increase customer satisfaction.

eeBee email automation

Email Campaign Management

Send compelling content to your subscribers regularly to stay top of mind and be there when they are ready to purchase. This is a very powerful technique to drive growth but it is time consuming which is why we do it all for you.

Email Campaign Management

Achieve Outstanding Email Marketing Results


A furniture retailer went from zero to $10M in email sales per year!

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From Zero to Hero

It didn’t take long to see results. Their email list exploded. Over 800,000 list members drive $10 million per year in sales—solely through their email marketing channel. With open rates as high as 45.2% and click rates up to 12.7%, it’s no wonder their customer relationships (and sales) skyrocketed.

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A Full Service Email Marketing Agency

Our full-service email marketing agency handles your entire email marketing campaign including strategy, design, copywriting, automation, technology, analysis, and more email marketing services.

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Google Review – Dave M. from Rainier Window & Gutters

“These guys are INCREDIBLE!”

Email Broadcast has been doing my email campaigns for several months now and the results have exceeded my expectations. Their email marketing solutions are detailed and easy to understand. Thanks, Beth, Dara and Kris!

Achieve Outstanding Email Marketing Results


An adventure travel location booked 70% of its business using automation.

Achieve Outstanding Email Marketing Results


of total sales are driven by email channel on
average. – Adestra.
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Google Review – Karena from Osteo Pilates

“The way I wish I had the skill to do and would do if I wasn’t so busy running my business”

I took a leap of faith two months ago when I hired Email Broadcast. I am a solopreneur, in business for almost 20 years. I’ve reached a point where, if my business will grow, I need the help. With Email Broadcast, the team is precise, professional and I can rely on them to do exactly what they say they will do — and more. They have worked hard to not only uphold their end of the “to-do” list but also to send me extensive comments about improving the website to improve ROI once an email is sent. The emails that have been sent look professional and are in my voice and style. The super collectors to gather emails of those visiting my site are clean and inviting — just the way I wish I had the skill to do and would do if I wasn’t so busy running my business.

Achieve Outstanding Email Marketing Results

An e-commerce site for pets grew their list 275%, adding 14K new subscribers per month with 60% open rates.

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Google Review – August E.

“All I can say is wow!”

We were teamed up with Email Broadcast after winning a year long campaign that they so generously donated through a national giving back contest. This was this first time we had ever worked on a consistent email campaign, so we weren’t sure what to expect. All I can say is wow! The staff was incredible, holding our hand the entire way, making sure we understood what was happening, why it was happening and how it could improve. Our email list has grown, our “fans” our engaged and our members are in the know, all through this one campaign. As a nonprofit organization, budget is always on our mind, but continuing this campaign is a no brainer.

eeBee Bright Idea
eeBee email marketing checklist

Is Your Email Marketing Stale, Unsuccessful, or Non-Existent?

Double Your Impact With Our FREE Checklist

Stop spending time producing email campaigns that aren’t helping you reach your business goals. Sign up to get our Free Email Marketing Checklist—we’ll guide you to a solution that makes a bigger impact on your ROI.

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Certified Mailchimp Experts

Our full-service email marketing agency handles your entire email marketing campaign including strategy, design, copywriting, automation, technology, analysis, and more email marketing services.

Common Problems In Email Marketing

stress about email marketing
introducing illustrated mascot for email broadcast character named "eebee"

Greetings—or, as we say where I come from, 1100111 1110010 1100101 1100101 1110100 1101001 1101110 1100111 1110011. My designated identifier is DKW-247-EB, but since co-founding Email Broadcast over 20 years ago, everyone calls me eebee for short. It’s a…

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How to get email addresses is a critical question for successful email marketing. If you’re only relying on your website to collect addresses, you’re not leveraging the full power of email marketing.

Almost all businesses make these Top 5 Classic Email Marketing Mistakes

Instantly improve your email campaign by avoiding these errors.

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Learn pro tactics and strategies on email marketing.

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Find the most useful tips to help your business grow.

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