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Getting A High Five - Working at Email Marketing Agency

Many of our prospective candidates ask what it’s like working for our full-service email marketing agency. Here are some of the top reasons our team members choose to work here:

Everyone at our agency works part-time.

Working part-time allows our teammates to integrate work into the rest of the priorities in their lives. Whether they’re caring for young kids, completing an artistic endeavor, or just not being consumed by work—actually achieving a balanced life is supremely satisfying.

Everyone at our agency is a contractor.

As a contractor, you get to plan your workday how you choose. We try to keep meetings to a minimum and strive for adequate lead time. There are also substantial tax benefits available when you work for yourself. Check with your CPA to find out more.

Our agency offers good, fair pay.

We believe in paying our people well. We regularly review your performance and increase pay as warranted. We also pay for training and meeting time that you wouldn’t expect from a small company. Lastly, we’re inclined to give bonuses for outstanding performance.

Our agency takes Fridays off.

The three-day weekend is one of the most glorious inventions ever so we decided to make them standard. We take Fridays off as a company and it’s awesome.

Our on-boarding and training will rival any full-service marketing agency.

We’ve been honing not only our craft of email marketing but our internal processes as well. Our new people are usually shocked at how well prepared we are for their arrival and our ability to bring them up to speed quickly. Nobody likes being the new kid, so we’ll have you ready in no time.

“A” Players only.

If you’ve ever been part of a championship team, you know what this means. Talented, accountable, hard-working, kind people are the only people we work with. Here’s our current roster.

We live our values.

At our full-service email marketing agency, we live our values. Honesty, integrity, continuous improvement, and generosity are everyday occurrences, not just lip service.

We strive for excellence in all things.

At Email Broadcast, we believe our clients deserve a full-service email marketing agency that is continuously getting better. We fully embrace the concept of “Kaizen” with each person on the team actively working on a skill improvement process regardless of their current competency. We also sharpen the saw every week with a new training topic.

Our agency cares about the success of our clients.

We’re genuinely interested in the success of our clients and find various ways outside of email marketing to help them. We’re proud of our work and our clients.

Variety of work.

At our full-service agency, we work with a variety of clients. In a single day, you could be helping a zookeeper, a doctor, and a solar company owner. That keeps things interesting.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in becoming a team member at our full-service email marketing agency Email Broadcast, we encourage you to check out our careers page.

If you’d like to support a business like ours by becoming a client, the first step is to

book an appointment so we can find out together what your opportunities might be in using a full-service email marketing agency like Email Broadcast.

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