The Ultimate Follow-Up Machine

Imagine if every single prospect you paid to walk in the door not only got a world-class presentation but also a personalized and professional follow-up from your sales team–until that prospect buys or dies. It’s every retail owner’s fantasy.

Impossible? Maybe not.

The answer, of course, is using an automated email campaign to follow-up with every one of your guests you don’t close.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After your sales team gives it their very best effort to close the sale, your prospects are about to walk out the door. Before that happens, though, your salesperson says, Thanks so much for coming in and giving us a shot at your business. Here’s my card. I’d like to stay in touch via email in case we get something that might be perfect for you. Can I get your email address, please?
  2. Your salesperson heads to the computer on the counter (or whips out his mobile phone) and spends all of 30 seconds entering the customer’s name and email address along with a short note, and hits “submit.”
  3. This action kicks off a series of hand-crafted emails written by experts–emails designed to distinguish your brand above others, explain the advantages of doing business at your establishment, show the prospects how easy it is to buy, overcome the normal objections, and feature the salesperson’s contact information.
  4. The prospect shops a couple of other places, but continues to receive messages from your company that are well designed, beautifully written, thoughtfully timed, adding value, and so catchy that it’s easy for the reader to remember what they liked about your business.
  5. The prospect calls the salesperson (with the touch of a screen) and places the order, or comes back to the showroom asking for the salesperson by name (because his/her name has been at the bottom of each email received).

That is the ultimate follow-up machine because it scales. No matter HOW busy your salesperson gets or how many people they’ve talked to in the last six months, EVERY prospect will get a follow-up series. If they don’t buy from the sales series, they’ll get added to the general broadcast bucket and will get future messages.

So not only will every single prospect get the follow-up they deserve, every single month of this program will result in more and more people on your email list. Instead of going from hero to zero every month, you’ll invest in building something valuable over time.

Compare this to your current follow-up program, which is likely, They seemed like nice people and I sure hope they come back. I mean, I gave them my card and all…

If you’re interested in learning more about this tool, the first step is to “book an appointment” so we can talk about your specific needs.

Don’t wait another minute losing sale after sale for lack of a follow-up program. Finally get the business you deserve from your hard-earned (and paid for) traffic!

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