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The 5 Most Useful Digital Marketing Agency Services

Digital marketing agency services can send your marketing game to the big leagues. These services aren’t simply a way to look more polished. On the contrary, they’re a means to attract the loyal, appreciative customers you need to thrive. To this end, let’s break down the main advantages of working with an agency and what that means for your business.

1. How a Digital Marketing Agency Helps Most: Email Marketing

We can’t say it enough: email marketing is the most effective form of business promotion. Specifically, it’s cost-effective, labor-saving, and profitable. Not only has email marketing yielded the highest return on investment for the past 10 years, but it’s retentive. Therefore, the best digital marketing agency services include strategies for converting subscribers into buyers with impressive customer lifetime value.

Additionally, through a good email campaign, digital marketing agency services can accomplish many of your business goals:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Personalize content
  • Integrate with other marketing channels

Given all the benefits of email marketing, it really does pay to work with the professionals.

The sooner you book a consultation, the faster your increased revenue can arrive.

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2. Using Digital Marketing Agency Services for a Marketing Audit

Another way to use digital marketing agency services is for an audit. Email marketing audits can give you specific, actionable steps on improving your promotional campaigns. This process provides valuable insights on many aspects of your email marketing:

  • The quality of your list. Not only will an audit assess the quality of your list, but your auditors can also advise you how to segment it for optimal results.
  • The effectiveness of subject lines. An audit can show which subject lines generate the most clicks and conversions for your demographic.
  • The timeliness of email automations. Having a digital marketing agency audit your campaigns can show you when to send emails that dramatically increase sales.

3. Getting a Message Refresh with Digital Marketing Agency Services

The story of your business is a precious commodity. Many times, it’s difficult to pinpoint the power of your story because you’re simply too close to it. That’s another arena where digital marketing agency services prove valuable. Enlisting the aid of seasoned marketing professionals can point you to areas of improvement.

  • Overhaul your website to reflect a consistent, compelling story about your business
  • Position your business so it connects with appreciative, responsive customers
  • Create Brand Builder scripts for commercials, videos, and social media posts

Don’t be surprised when business soars after working with a digital marketing agency to clarify your message. Because clear communication is the cornerstone of successful ecommerce.

4. Tapping Digital Marketing Agency Services to Perform SEO

Crafting a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is another one of those digital marketing agency services worth exploring. To illustrate the importance of good keyword use, the first five organic results account for 67.6% of all clicks. By linking your website content to popular search phrases, an agency can drive lots more traffic your way. Ideally, your agency’s SEO strategy will include the following:

  • Link building
  • Content positioning
  • Social media signaling
  • Metadata assessment
  • Keyword research
  • Website audits

5. Hiring an Agency for Mobile App Marketing

Digital marketing agency services can also be applied to mobile app promotions. Creating an advertising strategy geared toward audiences using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is a tricky business. A good digital marketing agency will help you:

  • Acquire subscribers with app downloads
  • Activate usage by making a purchase
  • Retain users by making the app a repeat destination

If this form of ecommerce is unfamiliar or scary, that’s even more reason to get digital marketing agency services. After all, mobile device usage grows 58% every year, increasingly becoming a make-or-break factor for potential customers.

Utilize Digital Marketing Agency Services for Polished Promotions

Without question, email marketing is too important for any business to neglect. With the help of digital marketing agency services, your campaigns can become so much more than spam mail:

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Precisely targeted.
A digital marketing agency knows which subscribers are most likely to respond to different messages. 

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Optimized for better results.
Hiring agency professionals to examine your campaign data will alert you to which subject lines get opens and conversions. 

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Automated for maximum response.
Getting campaign management from a marketing agency allows you to send messages when people are most likely to buy, down to the exact day and time.

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Expertly designed.
The more eye-catching your campaigns, the more likely readers will click on them–it’s that simple. 

If you’re overwhelmed with the workload that ongoing promotional campaigns involve, get help. Because of all the digital marketing agency services, email campaign management is still king.

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