Email Broadcast offers robust options for email collection on your website

Collect more emails with a Supercollector

The Email Broadcast Supercollector™ is an interstitial* email collector. That means it intervenes in the user journey, much the way a salesperson  would intervene with a shopper browsing on a sales floor.

We have four different types of SuperCollector™, with a variety of behaviors (see list below)  you can combine to get the exact email collector that works best for your goals and audience.

1. The Full Page

Do you have a designated greeter to handle incoming calls or walk-in traffic to your business? The full page collector serves that function for your website. You can start or end every visit to your website (or a specific page) with a simple, clean message.

In the video to the left, we’ve combined this collector with the “exit intent” option.

2. The Original

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The original Supercollector(™) is still hands-down the most effective email collector. If your #1 focus is ROI, this is the collector for you. It’s 600% more effective than a static collector that just sits on your page and it outperforms it’s subtler colleagues (below) by a multiple of 10.

This opt-in type is demonstrated in conjunction with the load “after X number of pages” and “yes/no” options in the video to the left.

3. The Helper

This small collector arrives discreetly on the edges of your user’s browsing experience. These are best when combined with helpful messaging that is hyper-relevant to the content on the page. You can offer more information, support contact follow-up, or a sign-up offer that coincides with what the user is reading.

With this optin, we chose to utilize the “load after X percentage of scroll” in the video to the left.

4. The Bottom/Top Bar

This is our favorite up-and-comer SuperCollector™. It’s nearly as successful as The Original, but offers a nice compromise on subtlety. When used as a Top Bar collector, it sits above your content, making sure not to cover any of the navigation. As a Bottom Bar collector, it anchors itself to the bottom of the user’s browser window, staying visible even during scrolling.

We’ve shown this collector with the tried and true “delay” function in the video to the left.

Opt-in Behaviors:

There are a lot of behaviors for your SuperCollector™, allowing us to customize the user experience. Explaining all of them would make this a very long page, but here’s a list of what we offer. If you’d like to know more,get in touch with us! We’d love to tell you about what’s possible.

  • Yes/No (instead of email fields)
  • Delay (after X seconds)
  • Exit Intent (on mouse over navigation bar)
  • Percent of Scroll
  • Link Click Display
  • Date Based Display
  • Time Based Display
  • On Specific Page(s)
  • # Pages Viewed
  • Physical Location Display
  • Referring URL Display
  • Adblockers
  • User Cookies
Any of these can also be used to exclude certain users (by geography, by device, by arrival link, etc.) from seeing your SuperCollector™. There is a perfect collector for every website, and the possibilities are endless!

*In January of 2017, Google changed the way it evaluates interstitials, including giant hero images at the top of websites and intervening pop-ups. Our collectors are 100% compliant with Google’s requirements for usability on mobile.

Not sure which Supercollector is right for you?

We understand. Contact your Account Representative who can help you decide which option will work best for your website!