Email Broadcast offers an Exit Only Supercollector

Engage visitors before they leave with this Exit Only Supercollector
The Exit Only Supercollector™ is one of three options for Supercollectors. This option will only appear when a site visitor gets ready to leave your page by moving their mouse towards the Close [X] in their browser or towards the location bar at the top of the browser.

The Exit Only Supercollector™ offers settings that allow you to control the sensitivity of the Exit action. To see this Supercollector™ in action, move your mouse towards the Close [X] or location bar above and watch the Supercollector™ snap into action and ask you to signup for the newsletter.

If you have already closed the Supercollector™ window, simply reload the page to reset the Supercollector™.

Confused about the Supercollector options?

We understand. Call your Email Broadcast Account Representative to talk about the options available and make sure you have the best Supercollector enabled on your website!