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First Winner of The World’s Most Interesting Referral Program

Norma Maxwell is not your typical web designer.  That’s easy to tell from her own website  that is actually up to date, beautiful, mobile responsive, and…wait for it…includes a portfolio of work that are actual websites for real people. If you’ve ever shopped for a web developer you know how rare this is! Norma produces sites that are both beautiful, and fully functional for her clients. If you need a new website, you should certainly include Connect Interactive in your search.

So when we first soft-launched our “Worlds Most Interesting Referral Program” to a few people on Facebook, we were very humbled to receive a referral for full service email marketing from her for “The Reel Deal.”  The Reel Deal.TV is a coming-soon reality TV show that teams up talented (but completely unknown) actors with veteran industry insiders and gives them a mere 4 days to create a short film from scratch. There are 7 teams competing for Best Film. The show is about each team’s journey and will reveal all of the secrets and tools used backstage to make these films a reality.

The Reel Deal is the brainchild of former high-tech priestess Adryenn Ashley whom you may have seen on the red carpet at the Emmy’s, or helping CBS with their social media on the Oscars, Grammys, Vanity Fair, ET, Insider, etc. Adryenn’s mile-a-minute enthusiasm and epic vision of what this show could be convinced us that we had to be part of it. Email Broadcast is proud to announce that we’ll be the exclusive email marketing agency handling outreach to potentially millions of new fans bringing them fresh updates with the Backstage Pass.

So, back to the heroine of our story…

Personally, the last few years have been challenging for Norma and family. One issue is that her husband keeps getting promoted (damn him!) and moved to another location (7 times in the past 5 years) with the last move being to Minot, North Dakota where the family home was nearly wiped out by a flood. Norma has never lost her sense of humor though, and these challenges have only made her appreciate what’s truly special in life – FOOD! Ok that and her family and friends.

So after the ink was dry on our new agreement with The Reel Deal, we were on a mission to properly thank Norma for her referral. During our one and only original conversation about the referral, we learned that Norma loves to cook, travel, and meet new people at interesting conferences with a dream to someday visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Norma told us that she was happy to send us the referral and didn’t expect anything from us, but we’re serious about our fun around here, so the quest was underway.  After a little digging around, we were pleased to find out that Minot was blessed with a cooking school called the Gourmet Chef so we signed Norma up for a class: Easy Italian with Antonella.

Then, to make sure Norma was properly prepared for her back-to-school cooking class, we sent her a 7-piece Miyabi Kaizen Knife Set. If you’re not a professional chef, you may not be aware of Miyabi but these are serious tools forged from 65 layers of steel, ice hardened, and hand finished by master Japanese artists and craftsmen. Let’s just say that your local sushi chef Hiro dreams about knives like these.

Thank you Norma – we can’t wait to hear from you about your next referral! Kaizen!

Have a referral for Email Broadcast?

The Miyabi Kaizen collection combines advanced ice-hardening techniques with the artistry of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The knives are carefully crafted with a vg10 “super steel” core that is surrounded by a graceful Damascus pattern that exposes the meticulously forged 65-layer steel construction.

Blades go through a CRYODUR four-step ice-hardening process for superior strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance. The edges are then hand-finished by master craftsmen using a traditional three-step honbazuke Ultra-durable black micarta handles feature mosaic pins, eye-catching red accents and logo end caps. Made in Japan.

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