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Alaska Alpine Adventures Gets An Email Marketing Guide

In 1999, Dan Oberlatz and a friend—both passionate, multi-sport explorers—started a small outfitter operation in Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park. Their goal was to provide fully immersive, transformative wilderness expeditions to fellow nature-enthusiasts.

Alaska Alpine Adventures has since become one of the state’s premier adventure travel companies, providing small-group guided tours through beautiful, untouched regions like Katmai and Kenai Fjords National Parks.

They’ve been recognized as one of Outside Magazine’s “Best of Travel,” and called one of the “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. No small feat!

Trips are all-inclusive, accommodate anyone from the seasoned backpacker to the kid kayaker, are easy to book online, can be customized, and even feature gourmet camp cuisine.

When they started talking with Email Broadcast, Alaska Alpine Adventures had A LOT going for them. Not only were they creating award-winning, life-changing eco-tours in stunning backcountry—they’d been deliberate about promoting and selling their trips with social media campaigns, smart PR, and advertising efforts.

They’d also built an inspirational online experience for their customers. Their website is clean, user-friendly, and full of useful information on trip packages and other resources, like gear lists and educational videos.

But they didn’t have a plan for email marketing. Seeing as how email marketing is consistently rated the #1 marketing tool for return on investment, the company figured it was high time they got in the game.  

What they needed was someone who took as much care planning an email as the adventure company did planning a backcountry trip—someone who knew their operation inside and out and could convey their mission and offerings in the same voice, with the same degree of expertise and passion. 

Here at Email Broadcast, every client gets their own devoted Account Coordinator. Alaska Alpine Adventures is no exception. Think of the Account Coordinator as your personal guide into the adventurous world of email marketing.

Account Coordinators:

  • Do a ton of research on your brand and company
  • Sit in on every discovery and onboarding call so that they understand your goals and voice
  • Are hand-picked for your account based on several factors (Alaska Alpine Adventures’ Account Coordinator lived in Alaska, for instance)
  • Feel like a member of your team
  • Help you craft beautiful, compelling, effective monthly messages

In the case of Alaska Alpine Adventures, the Account Coordinator works intimately with their team to create content, brainstorm topics of interest, plan promotions, and draw the best from their website so that readers get genuinely valuable information every time they open an email message.

Does it work? Well, we think so. A couple of us here at Email Broadcast spend a career-jeopardizing amount of time each week “researching” our dream backpacking trips in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or Denali National Park.

And though it’s early, the audience seems to be responding as well. The introductory email series is seeing open rates of almost 50% and click rates of 15%. It’s only a matter of time before the campaign begins booking trips, helping this adventure travel company sell out their season.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We’re really excited to be moving forward with Email Broadcast! The onboarding process with their team has been comprehensive and efficient, and it’s been fun to see the results from our new welcome series and our first monthly message. So far, the entire experience has exceeded my expectations.”

Dan Oberlatz, owner of Alaska Alpine Adventures

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