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Melfred Borzall dug deep and uncovered a treasure trove of sales conversions

Scoliosis Exercise Company Finds Support With Email Marketing


Scoliosis is a diagnosis that can put a lot of weight on your shoulders—and affects more people than you might realize. It means a lifetime of doctors’ visits, worry, and pain. Author, TV and radio host, and exercise management specialist Karena Thek knows these issues all too well. She was frustrated with less-than-optimal treatment options and resources for individuals like her who were impacted by scoliosis—so she sought to create something better. 

In 2010, she founded Scolio-Pilates with the mission to make exercise a part of medical scoliosis management programs. Whereas scoliosis is typically addressed through observation, bracing, and surgery, Karena found that a three-dimensional exercise program was extraordinarily effective in helping patients experience healing. After a decade of working with practitioners and clients around the world, people were experiencing pain relief and freedom of movement that was the direct result of integrating these exercises into their scoliosis management.

Karena strives to work with even more hospitals through the organization and the medical community to fulfill this mission on an even larger scale. Her goal? “To ensure that everyone living with scoliosis knows that there is a lot of hope. You can really live with scoliosis.”

Expanding the Reach of Scolio-Pilates

Although she had the support of clients and practitioners all over, as a solopreneur it was difficult for Karena to find time to market her business. Meanwhile, she also noticed competitors who had better marketing in place were gaining traction faster than her. They were getting their scoliosis treatment information out there—even if it wasn’t the best advice. 

Despite writing a book, building a website, and slowly growing her contact list, Karena found herself struggling with outreach. She recognized the need for email marketing to take her business to the next level. After attempting it on her own and realizing it was a huge burden, she sought help. 

Karena found Email Broadcast through a web search. She immediately appreciated the clear path to making an appointment, scheduling a time to discuss her business, and finding out how Email Broadcast could help her ramp up Scolio-Pilates’ marketing efforts and grow her community. She was ready to let go of the back-breaking work of handling all her marketing on her own—and we were here to help shoulder the load.

A Corrective Course of Action

In the discovery process, we learned Karena’s business had been plateauing for some time. But she had faith in her company and her mission—and we did too. Upon reviewing her website and previous email marketing efforts, we developed a plan to break through the plateau and achieve sustainable business growth:

  1. Clarify the Scolio-Pilates messaging. With a target audience of two separate groups—scoliosis practitioners and individuals with scoliosis themselves—we recommended reworking the Scolio-Pilates home page using our BrandBuilder services to address each group separately.
  2. Create a comprehensive email marketing strategy. We targeted each of Scolio-Pilates’ audience segments separately with a series of automated messages to address the different needs and perspectives. These series welcome clients and practitioners to the community and introduce available resources relevant to each group. Again, clarity was the backbone of our design.
  3. Craft monthly messages to address and attract a broader audience. These messages provide new resources and connect the scoliosis community while celebrating clients and practitioners. We also installed two SuperCollectors™ on the Scolio-Pilates website—one for clients and one for practitioners—to capture visitors’ emails and further build the community.

This plan defined and supported the Scolio-Pilates sales funnel while also establishing thought leadership in Karena’s marketing. Her message would now ring true and clear to those looking for help and hope in scoliosis management.

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Positioning for Success

For Karena, the proof is in the breakthrough results. Many of Scolio-Pilates’ messages enjoy open rates of 100%, with click rates as high as 66%. (These numbers are off the charts for any business.) The SuperCollectors™ were also a great addition—the average conversion rate sits at almost 6% for both. 

Through the power of email, Karena’s community is growing. And she’s no longer a solopreneur doing everything herself—Email Broadcast has her back.

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What They Are Saying

“I took a leap of faith several months ago when I hired Email Broadcast. … [The] team is precise and professional. I can rely on them to do exactly what they say they will do—and more. They have worked hard to not only uphold their end of the to-do list but also to send me extensive comments about bettering the website to improve ROI once an email is sent. The emails that have been sent look professional and are in my voice and style. The SuperCollector™ to gather emails of those visiting my site are clean and inviting—just the way I wish I had the skill to do and would do if I wasn’t so busy running my business. I can’t imagine that a forward-facing email campaign that looks this professional would be anything but a huge success.” 

–Karena Thek, Founder of Scolio-Pilates

Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business

Sustainable business growth is no easy feat—like scoliosis management, it takes consistent effort. Why exercise other options when you can leave the heavy lifting to Email Broadcast? Contact us to start scaling up your business today.

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