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Rental Search Platform Finds a Home for Email Marketing

Finding a great new place to rent is challenging, even in the best of times. And in the age of the internet, where anyone can post anything, it’s even more difficult to find a listing that works for your needs and doesn’t smell like fraud. It’s like finding a needle in a mansion-sized haystack.

Husband-and-wife team Jonas and Rosalind Bordo realized that renters needed a safe place to search for their next home—where landlords and property managers could post their listings for renters to find. They wanted to create one digital platform to bring everyone together to post and apply for rentals securely and freely. And with their previous experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, they knew they had the tools to make it happen.

That’s when they created Dwellsy, the ultimate online real estate rental portal. This free, secure portal enables landlords and property managers to list their available rental units, and gives potential renters a safe place to start their rental search—without worrying about scammers trying to make a quick buck.

They Needed Good Exposure

The platform worked like a charm. Landlords were posting, renters were renting, and Dwellsy was taking off. But the Bordos realized they needed to upgrade their marketing if they wanted to take Dwellsy to the next level. There was a lot of good traffic on the site, but they needed to get users to register for free accounts—and then convert those free users into paid subscribers.


Elevating Their Marketing Curb Appeal 

That’s when Dwellsy and Email Broadcast started to get neighborly. The Dwellsy team had tried their hand at some email marketing, but knew they needed expert help. With Email Broadcast’s proven track record for creating compelling email marketing, crafting powerful automated messaging series, and converting leads into sales, Dwellsy decided to build their email marketing dream home with us.

We Made a Move with Email Marketing

Because of the nationwide scope of the Dwellsy platform, the team at Email Broadcast was all in to create a winning strategy that would work for their vast, fast-paced market. Together, we came up with a wish list of goals:

  1. Create a Brand Voice with our BrandBuilder services to draw potential users into the Dwellsy experience.
  2. Formulate a powerful conversion funnel that highlights the paid subscription service.
  3. Become experts in Blueshift, Dwellsy’s preferred email marketing platform.
  4. Increase site conversion from browsers to free registered users.
  5. Convert prospects into registered users through email marketing.

After our teams collaborated on these objectives, we went to work to become an email marketing dream team, combining in-depth knowledge of Dwellsy’s operations in Blueshift with our 20+ years of email marketing experience.

The Results Are In

After refining our strategies and unpacking the metrics, it’s clear that our email marketing had an impact. The average open rates for our three-pronged automated series is 23.2%—a marked growth from the previous year. We also started twice-monthly broadcasts to cultivate long-term relationships with customers. So far, these messages have average open rates of 15.6%.

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Move Up Your Email Marketing Plan

If you’re struggling with your current in-house email marketing home, it might be time to consider making a move to Email Broadcast. We help companies all over the country create beautiful, powerful email marketing strategies that are designed to win you more business—and we can do the same for you. Talk to us about moving up with Email Broadcast.


How It Works

Transform your email marketing in three easy steps:

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Book Appointment

We offer a free 20-minute consult to talk about your business and see if we might be a good fit. If a partnership sounds promising, we'll schedule a discovery call.

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Review Proposal

After we have all the facts, we’ll present a proposal outlining our tailored, full-service solution—what it will include, what it will do for your business, and what it will cost.

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Win More Business

This is where we execute a world-class email campaign to help you win more business while you celebrate, breathe a sigh of relief, and move on to your next project.

Book an Appointment

Schedule your free 20-minute consultation to see if your business can profit from expert email marketing.

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