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Real Estate Finance Company Hands Over the Keys to Their Email Marketing

When you’re preparing to make one of the biggest purchases of your life—your future home—it’s important to make sure you’re getting a good deal. And between the volatile housing market and commission-minded banks that don’t have your best interests in mind, it’s critical to find the right plan for your financing.

That’s where Global Home Finance has made its home. The Texas- and Georgia-based mortgage broker and banker was born out of the housing crisis of 2008. With its dedicated staff and decades of experience in the rocky new world of real estate, they’re able to help their customers find exactly the right type of financing for each situation. From NINJA loans (no interest, no income, just assets) to First Time Home Buyer programs, they’re sure to find a perfect, pain-free solution.

They Wanted to Open More Doors

In order to spread the word about Global Home Finance and their one-stop shop for real estate financing, they would have to make contact with their target audience: realtors in Texas and Georgia. These realtors would then be able to see how valuable Global’s experience and connections were to their clients—and provide them with the opportunity to get the best out of each deal. And the most powerful strategy Global wanted to employ was real estate email marketing.

Finding Their Guide to Real Estate Email Marketing

Growing a strong—and fruitful—email list is more challenging than it seems. Although the Global Home Finance team was well-versed in real estate finance, they knew they’d need help with their email marketing from similar experts. That’s when they discovered Email Broadcast, a full-service email marketing company with over 20 years of experience. Before long, Global Home Finance was handing over the keys of their real estate email marketing to Email Broadcast.

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Creating Their Email Marketing Wish List

Together, Global Home Finance and Email Broadcast constructed a new plan to engage local professionals through strategic and targeted email marketing.

There were four key features on Global Home Finance’s wish list:

  1. Generate warm leads from our target audience. Using a carefully constructed email marketing plan and automated email messaging, we would weed out cold contacts from the pool of potential partners and turn them into warm leads. This would keep the most likely conversions in their sales funnel, as well as maintain a clean list.
  2. Increase closing rates and conversions. For those list members who hadn’t sealed the deal, we planned to use additional email marketing to bring them home with relevant, quality content.
  3. Extrapolate data from statistics. Leveraging the power of data is an essential element of real estate email marketing. Email Broadcast would use its expert insight to sift through the numbers and find ways to improve effectiveness at every entry point.
  4. Professionalize email content to potential customers. Gorgeous, customized emails that provide valuable content to readers can lend credibility to a company’s reputation as well as build trust. All of Global Home Finance’s email marketing would be generated by professional designers and strategists to be beautiful, beneficial, and powerful.

A Dream Home for Email Marketing

After crafting and implementing our real estate email marketing strategy, it wasn’t long before our outreach began to yield strong results. Within three months, we turned a list of cold realtor contacts into a steady stream of leads—a clear industry success. Plus, open rates on automated messages were as high as 52%, and monthly broadcasts had open rates as high as 21%. Readers are actively engaging in Global Home Finance’s messages en masse, and more conversions are bound to come.

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Make Us Your Email Marketing Home

Are you looking for a new home for your email marketing—one that will support your dreams for your business? Or maybe you’re hoping to grow your list and reach new customers? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with us and find out how Email Broadcast can help you build an email marketing strategy you can live and thrive in.


How It Works

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