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Printing Company Finds Email Marketing Solutions

When you’re in the market for printed products for your business, there’s nothing more frustrating than inconsistency and unreliability. You need high-quality prints that look great on a variety of products—and you need them to ship on your schedule.

That’s where CEC Print Solutions saves the day. Since 1976, they’ve worked diligently to become a one-stop shop for providing products, solutions, and printing technologies to their customers with dependable customer service. With mastery in business-to-business production, warehousing, and fulfillment solutions, they’ve made a name for themselves in California’s Bay Area as a perennial resource for businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Owner Amit Chokshik started the business as a second act following a successful career in technology. With his expertise and connections, he was able to create a one-stop company that catered directly to businesses with unsurpassed personalized service.

There Was a Crease in Their Marketing Plan

Their customers appreciated CEC’s directness and powerful printing prowess, especially as the business grew to cover more products and solutions. However, their primarily face-to-face model of communicating with these long-term customers wasn’t sustainable, especially during the COVID lockdowns that began in 2020. Despite the obvious benefits of conducting business with a personal touch, they needed a better way to stay in contact.

Time to Think Outside the Envelope

That’s when Email Broadcast reached out and offered a solution to the printing problem-solvers: they needed an email marketing agency that would maintain their connections with clients as well as provide an automated way to welcome new customers. That way, they could get back to doing business their way—by providing large-scale printing solutions with a personal touch.

They Brought Us into the Fold

Together, we came up with a plan to get their team and their customers on the same page through comprehensive email marketing:

  1. Increase sales from existing clients by sending monthly broadcasts to stay top-of-mind.
  2. Invite new customers to explore all the solutions available through CEC with guided automatic messaging.
  3. Increase exposure to their wide array of custom print and paper products.

With an automated welcome series and a strong, coherent email marketing plan, Email Broadcast would help CEC stay in touch with both new and existing customers, even from a distance.

Like Printing Money

The proof is in the print: their email marketing has produced results that are nothing to flap at, with more good news to come. For monthly broadcasts, the average open rate is impressive at 25.9%, with a 4.6% average click rate. Plus, their automations are working wonders to show new customers everything they have to offer.

CEC is so happy with the results that they’re extending their contract with us and expanding our email marketing outreach. We’re adding more elements to their campaigns to spread the word to other local businesses who are looking for a one-stop print shop with all the solutions. This partnership has been smoother than paper.

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What They Are Saying

“Dara, Beth, and the Email Broadcast team have been great to work with. Their attention to detail is superb. They listen to our needs, questions, and concerns and then turn those ideas into real-life marketing solutions that reach out to our customer base.

We’ve enjoyed our time working with them and would recommend anyone to utilize their services for your company’s marketing needs.”

–Mike Hughes, Production Manager, CEC Print Solutions


Turn the Page on Your Email Marketing

Do you keep tossing ideas for your monthly broadcasts in the recycle bin? Want to get a reprint on your current email marketing plan? Contact us and see how we can create a banner solution that is certain to win you more business.


How It Works

Transform your email marketing in three easy steps:

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Book Appointment

We offer a free 20-minute consult to talk about your business and see if we might be a good fit. If a partnership sounds promising, we'll schedule a discovery call.

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Review Proposal

After we have all the facts, we’ll present a proposal outlining our tailored, full-service solution—what it will include, what it will do for your business, and what it will cost.

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Win More Business

This is where we execute a world-class email campaign to help you win more business while you celebrate, breathe a sigh of relief, and move on to your next project.

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Schedule your free 20-minute consultation to see if your business can profit from expert email marketing.