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“Working with the Email Broadcast team has been a fantastic experience. Not only are the emails they produce for us simply gorgeous (and SO on point with our brand and voice!), we just love the flexibility and functionality of the templates they’ve created—finally we have continuity with email marketing and website experience.

From the moment we started working on projects with them, we knew we were in great hands, and we LOVE the incredible communication and guidance Email Broadcast maintains with us—their process is exemplary and the team is crazy fun and super talented. They work so hard to know us, understand our needs, and build fabulous content for our customers that helps PetHub reach its business goals.”

Lorien Clemens, Director of Marketing, PetHub

Pet ID Company Finds a Forever Home for Their Email Marketing & Gets 14,000 New Customers Every Month

If you’re a pet owner, one of your worst nightmares is that someday your pet will find themselves lost… and never make it home. And this isn’t a baseless fear. In the United States in 2010, the “return to owner” percentage for lost dogs was at a mere 18%, and a tragic 2% for lost cats.

For Tom Arnold—former Microsoft employee, passionate entrepreneur, author, and pet parent—there had to be a better way to protect pets. That’s why he founded PetHub to help bring pet safety into the 21st century.

With his team of passionate problem-solvers, they created a uniquely modern pet identification system with the first-ever patented QR code ID tag for pets. Together, with a host of other digital resources, they were able to secure a 96% animal recovery rate for their customers’ pets—and provide a peace of mind that was previously impawsible.

Email Marketing Success Story - Pet Hub

Their Email Marketing Needed Training

The next step in saving pets everywhere was to get the news out—and that led them to email marketing. When PetHub first met with Email Broadcast they had specific goals in mind to grow their business:

  1. Increase signup rates
  2. Build a strong brand image and story to boost audience engagement and loyalty
  3. Get readers to open and click

We Embarked on a Custom Plan

In PetHub’s case, we decided to send monthly messages to promote services, educate readers, and provide genuinely useful information for pet owners. We also crafted an automated series of emails in the company’s playful, pawsitive, pun-filled voice to go out when visitors sign up for a free PetHub account on the website.

Each automated email serves a different function:

  1. Welcome new members and remind them to collect their free pet ID tags
  2. Outline the benefits of membership and promote paid premium accounts
  3. Explain how “Lost Pet Scan Alerts” work for premium membership holders
  4. Provide a useful “Lost Pet Checklist” and information about PetHub’s “Lost Pet Amber Alert” poster service
  5. Explain PetHub’s mission and offer a discount coupon for those still digging under on the fence about paid service

In this way, we train readers about the PetHub way of life and keep them pup-dated on the latest news and perks.

Email Marketing Success Pethub

We Fetched Some Fantastic Results

Has the strategy worked? The ruff answer is: yes! PetHub’s list has grown from roughly 87,000 to 240,000 in a year. Their welcome series goes out to an average of 14,000 new readers every month. Plus, the average open rate for the “scan alert” email alone is 61%, and automation click rates have been as high as 5%. That’s something worth barking about!

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