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Melfred Borzall dug deep and uncovered a treasure trove of sales conversions

Pavement Company Finds Road to Success With Email Marketing


What’s the first thing customers see when they arrive at your store? Hint: you’re driving on it. First impressions are critically important, so if you’re running a brick-and-mortar establishment, you need your parking lot to be flawless—and that means you need a pavement company you can rely on. 

Pavecon is a premiere facilities maintenance services contractor operating from eight regional offices strategically located throughout the South. Their firm foundation in high-quality service and strong values resonates with their customers—and now they send their respected paving contractors virtually everywhere in the United States. 

Whether you need to do some maintenance on your driveway or re-pave 15 storefronts across five states, Paveon wants to be the nation’s one-stop shop for facilities maintenance.

Their Email Marketing Was Full of Potholes

Word of Pavecon’s integrity and quality service spread far and wide, and their business grew… but mostly through repeat and referral business. Plus, their customer contacts list often went untouched. They knew they needed to be more proactive in their digital marketing—especially growing and communicating with their customer base.

Laying the Groundwork

That’s when they reached out to Aryn Kelly of Elemental Design, a creative brand consultant agency. Aryn is an expert at brand positioning, and when she heard what Pavecon wanted to do with their email marketing, she knew exactly who to call: fellow brand positioning experts at Email Broadcast.

These two specialists became Pavecon’s dream team. They took a hard look at the state of their digital marketing and began to formulate a plan that could turn their cobbled campaigns into a smooth new customer communication machine.


A Firm Foundation

As part of Pavecon’s top-down marketing overhaul, Email Broadcast’s plan for their email marketing success had a few key elements:

  1. Lead Development. With a rock-solid SuperCollector™ to draw in visitors to their website—and an automated email series to follow up—Pavecon would begin collecting new leads that had previously been missing from their sales funnel.
  2. Customer Communication. A monthly email message would then keep Pavecon in contact with current leads and existing customers. By sending quality messages that people actually want to read, Pavecon would stay top of mind and continue to build their customers’ trust.
  3. Sales Funnel and Thought Leadership. With twin goals of educating existing customers about their other services and creating a clear step-by-step journey, we would be able to recapture business that might otherwise have fallen through the cracks.

The Rubber Hit the Road

Even as these pieces continue to come together, the numbers are speaking to the success that’s already happening: Their automation series that catches website leads has open rates up to 84% and click rates of 29%. Plus, their monthly broadcasts have open rates up to 19.7% and click rates as high as 4.4%. Pavecon has started speaking out, and their customers are listening!
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