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Packaging Company Adds Email Marketing to Its Bag of Tricks Carepac customer story displayed on mobile and desktop devices

Packaging Company Adds Email Marketing to Its Bag of Tricks

Packaging sets the tone for the customer journey. Not only does it establish brand recognition, but it sets expectations for the product inside. Sadly, many retailers don’t understand how cheap containers compromise their brand until it’s too late. What begins as a cost-cutting measure ends as an expensive mistake that could have been avoided.

As a California-based company that focuses exclusively on flexible barrier packaging, CarePac specializes in delivering the perfect bags to customers on time and on budget. Founder Paul Slaney’s emphasis on honesty, integrity, and transparency was the guiding principle in assembling a team of knowledgeable packaging experts that provide excellent customer service.

Priding itself on an in-house sales team that personally answers the phone, CarePac offers customers in-depth consultations during normal business hours. Competitors that operate overseas simply can’t compete with this level of customer service, which is critical with something as important as packaging.

They Needed to Unpack Their Expertise for the World to See

Although CarePac had a loyal customer base, they were victims of their own success. The firm was so busy fulfilling existing orders that it didn’t have the bandwidth for email marketing. As a result, retailers that could greatly benefit from CarePac’s expertise and superior products weren’t aware of the company’s top-notch packaging.


It Was Time to Get Ahead of the Pack

Determined to think outside the box, CarePac made an appointment with Email Broadcast. While CarePac did a wonderful job of creating an informative and attractive website, that wasn’t enough to expand their customer base. With Email Broadcast’s 20+ years of experience and CarePac’s stellar product and service, the companies teamed up to create an engaging email campaign that would turn prospects into customers.

Their Digital Marketing Strategy Was in the Bag

Once we examined CarePac’s exceptional website, it became our mission to deliver their message to the right audience. Straightaway, we devised a series of actionable goals:

Capture additional leads by using a lead magnet to grow the email list, by adding value for new prospects while creating brand loyalty, and by improving the ROI from PPC and SEO investments.
Close more sales through creating an automated sales series for multiple uses.
Retain more clients with consistent messaging showing that CarePac is the right choice through case studies, testimonials, and email marketing.
Implement a long-term follow-up process with automations for lead magnet signups and lost sales, as well as messages that are triggered when competitors raise prices.

Email Marketing Became One of Their Favorite Things

Once their Sales Series was launched, CarePac enjoyed an open rate of 37%. Better yet, their Welcome Series is being ripped open at rates of 48%. Willing to add email marketing to its bag of tricks, CarePac has not only increased sales but closed additional deals and retained more clients.

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He Was Able to Pack Up His Troubles with Email Broadcast

After our consultation with CarePac founder Paul Slaney, he was able to turn his attention to what he loves best: excellent customer care. Here’s what he has to say about our collaboration:

“I picked Email Broadcast because I have been back-burning email marketing for years. I am stretched too thin to handle this with my team, and managing an outside freelancer to do the work can often be as much work as just doing it yourself. So far, Email Broadcast has taken email marketing off my plate. I like that after onboarding, we only meet as necessary and they handle the details of making it happen.”

We’re proud Paul is pleased with the results of CarePac’s new email marketing campaign. Thanks to his trust in us, his high-quality packaging is getting into the right hands.


Don’t Get Stuck in the Penalty Box

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How It Works

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