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Offbeat Wine Company Pairs Ingenious Packaging With Automated Messaging

Wine has been around for thousands of years in virtually the exact same packaging. And as the old adage says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But that’s precisely the problem with shipping the stuff! Not only do glass bottles break easily, they are also cumbersome to carry, can’t maintain freshness once opened, and wreak havoc on the environment.

That’s when inspiration struck. Instead of putting the overflow into bottles, which are expensive to ship, Irreverent Wine created a cost-effective, eco-friendly wine pouch. This brilliant packaging allowed quality wine to be shipped in smaller quantities while keeping fresh for weeks, paving the way to a monthly subscription service. And thanks to the lightness of the container, the wine would ship free!

Irreverent Wine’s founder Chris Dukelow was proud of his solution, which was borne out of a distaste for waste. This former high-tech maven was eager to dive deep into a hands-on business requiring every ounce of his time, care, and attention.

Their Message Couldn’t Be Contained

While Irreverent Wine does a fantastic job of delivering fine wines at great value, they were unsure of how to showcase their products to the best advantage. Unfortunately, Chris learned quickly that conducting eCommerce without an email marketing campaign just doesn’t make any sense. If his wine pouches were going to get into the right hands, he’d have to step up his automated messaging game–and fast!

After booking an appointment with Email Broadcast, Chris breathed a big sigh of relief. Instead of getting mired in marketing, Chris could concentrate on what he loved: introducing beautiful bouquets of fine wine to his customers. He gladly handed over the reins of Irreverent Wine’s promotional campaigns to Email Broadcast.


A Barrel of Goals

We knew that Irreverent Wine was brimming with potential—they just needed help selling their story to potential customers. After all, they would need to get their message out if they were going to revolutionize the wine industry. Together, we developed a series of affordable, actionable goals:


Harvesting the Fruits of Email Marketing

By taking the helm of Irreverent Wine’s email campaign management, Email Broadcast would turn this modern wine model into an unforgettable vintage:

1 – Expand their email list with an exciting SuperCollector™ giveaway that provides a strong incentive for visitors to dive more deeply into their website.

2 – Create an automated message campaign to turn visitors into contacts. By sending monthly messages to alert readers to the latest offerings, Irreverent Wine would become an inexpensive, eco-friendly way for connoisseurs to indulge their habit.

3 – Take readers on a customer journey through the Irreverent Wine experience. By learning about the innovative packaging and exploring the company’s delicious offerings, visitors become happy customers—and brand ambassadors.

Their Cup Runneth Over

After launching its first automated messaging campaign, Irreverent Wine has open rates up to 40% and click rates up to 6%. Even better, individual messages sent to their customer list boasted open rates up to 100% and click rates up to 40%. (Yes, it’s possible!) They are continually cultivating new customers who are toasting their success.

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