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Dermatology Clinic Wants to Grow Their Practice

Dermetics is one of the largest and most modern dermatological clinics in Ontario, Canada. They offer premium cosmetic, medical, and surgical care to loyal patients. What makes Dermetics different from other clinics? Drs. Channy Muhn and Nathan Rosen bring years of experience, aesthetic sensibility, and an understanding of facial anatomy to every appointment—performing all injection treatments themselves and delivering safe, natural results.

They Needed a Marketing Boost

The clinic isn’t a new client for Email Broadcast—after hiring us the first time, they decided to go it alone. But it takes time and expertise to execute a world-class email campaign. Even after working with us previously to get behind-the-scenes secrets, they just couldn’t get it done on their own. We were thrilled when Dermetics came back on the scene.

A “Treatment” Plan Was Prescribed.

Seeing as how Dermetics offers the highest standards of care from a beautifully designed practice, it made sense that they would want an email marketing campaign to match their excellence. The task was to craft brand- and image-conscious messages that looked great on big screens and mobile devices, written in a friendly, technical voice to reach their affluent audience. We also had to adhere to Canada’s strict anti-spam laws (CASL) and medical advertisement regulations.

The plan came down to three key things:

  1. A SuperCollector™ to gather email addresses when people visited their website.
  2. An automated series to welcome new list members, introduce the doctors, and let readers know what to expect as patients in the clinic.
  3. Monthly broadcasts to share the doctors’ mission, announce new treatments, educate their audience, and promote their services

Making a Great Offer

Since lists tend to grow when there’s incentive attached, we suggested Dermetics support their SuperCollector with an enticing offer: New members would be entered into a monthly drawing for the chance to win a $50 gift card. While Dermetics was hesitant, doubting they’d get a response from their well-to-do readers, the strategy was a huge success.

Achieving Beautiful Results

It turns out everyone likes a good gift card. Dermetics’ list has grown substantially since they started using the SuperCollector, collecting an impressive 3.36% of website visitors. Not only that, but their automated series has an open rate of 87% and a clickthrough rate of 24%. Monthly broadcasts are also soaring with open and click rates as high as 43% and 8%, respectively.

Grow Your Practice

If you’re curious about how you, too, might achieve such beautiful results and grow your business with email marketing, book an appointment. We promise—consultations are painless with zero recovery time.

How It Works

Transform your email marketing in three easy steps:

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Review Proposal

After we have all the facts, we’ll present a proposal outlining our tailored, full-service solution—what it will include, what it will do for your business, and what it will cost.

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Win More Business

This is where we execute a world-class email campaign to help you win more business while you celebrate, breathe a sigh of relief, and move on to your next project.

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