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AAACEUs Gains Maximum Reach With Their Audience

AAACEUs is an online provider of continuing education for credentialed healthcare professionals. The company offers a huge catalog of high-quality, online, and on-demand courses across a wide range of topics and disciplines. Their courses are pre-approved by licensing and certification commissions, available 24/7, and offer immediate certification upon completion of course exams and evaluations. They even support large groups and companies with corporate accounts.

When AAACEUs hired Email Broadcast to handle their email marketing, they knew that email marketing—when done correctly—was a great way to grow their business. What they needed was for us to communicate their brand and product in a relatable, compelling way. They looked to us to help them share their story of impeccable customer service and premium course offerings, while also taking their audience on a journey through the process.

As with every client of ours, we did a deep dive into AAACEUs’ brand, voice, and product. We also got serious about knowing their audience. Why? Because AAACEUs caters to a host of different healthcare professionals across a range of specialties, including

• Case managers
• Rehab counselors
• Disability managers
• Nurses
• Addiction counselors
• Substance abuse counselors

In order to reach ALL those providers with every email we write, it’s critical that we find their commonalities, craft messages with just the right tone, use appropriate terminology, mine the needs of the entire group, and present genuinely useful and relevant content in the way AAACEUs’ readers want to read it.

Here’s the thing about audience: They should always feel understood.You wouldn’t talk to a team of molecular biologists in the same way you’d talk to preschoolers. “Hey, big boys and girls! Did you know your growing bodies are made up of teeny tiny building blocks called ‘cells’?”

By getting crystal clear about who those healthcare professionals are (smart, compassionate, older, busy people) and what they really want (a convenient, credible way to maintain their credentials), we’re able to take them on an intimate—dare we say fun!journey with the company.

What does that journey look like? It looks like automation email for every step of the process, written with the readers in mind, in a way they can feel seen and heard. The emails:

  • Guide clients through the maze of courses and certifications, even giving away a free course (and credits!) to new list members.
  • Outline AAACEUs’ dedication to great customer service.
  • Break down pricing options.
  • Invite feedback from users.
  • Help busy professionals complete their online profiles with ease.
  • Send important reminders.
  • Answer frequently asked questions.

As experts in this business of email marketing, we know just how important it is to understand and speak directly to your audience. Like breathing, it’s what we do—and you should be doing it too.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Working with the Email Broadcast team has been a pleasure. They spent the time to understand our clients and leveraged that knowledge into a message that has helped expand our reach. Through consistency and observation, they’ve continued to better hone our customer communication.”

Matthew Hayman, President, AAACEUs

How It Works

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Win More Business

This is where we execute a world-class email campaign to help you win more business while you celebrate, breathe a sigh of relief, and move on to your next project.

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