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Furniture Consignment Shop Lands a Custom Email Marketing Solution

Box store furniture is great… if you’re only looking for cheap, functional furniture. But if you want to make a unique statement with custom arrangements built around one-of-a-kind pieces, those stores just won’t do.

That’s where Reclaimed Interiors outshines the rest. Founded in July 2016, this luxury furniture consignment shop is the ultimate experience for those looking to revamp their space with a distinctive, high-end aesthetic. It’s like treasure hunting in a room full of treasure chests!

Through their high-end consignment program, Reclaimed Interiors resells fabulous used and vintage pieces every week. Customers stroll through the aisles to find a chic showroom full of creativity and inspiration—or consign their own items and get a little change back in their pockets. It’s a wonderland of world-class furniture whimsy.

Their Email Marketing Was Getting Cluttered

Vicki Pene, the owner and operator of Reclaimed Interiors, has had great success since the company got started in Eagle, Idaho. But she was struggling to keep up with her email marketing. Sending weekly messages about new items became a chore—and the outdated platform she was using didn’t provide much help, especially with data analysis. Between running the store and managing daily business, Vicki realized she needed to sign over her email marketing to somebody else.

The only issue was that with her unique business needs, she couldn’t trust a one-size-fits-all agency for email marketing. She needed a comprehensive, custom email marketing solution that would meet her where she was and bring her business into a stunning new digital light.

We Crafted a Custom Email Marketing Solution

After working together to understand Vicki’s vision for Reclaimed Interiors, we joined forces to form a custom email marketing solution that would meet their individual needs:

  • Build the email list. Our first goal was streamlining the Reclaimed Interiors sales funnel to capture contact info at every stage of the customer journey—in a way that was both easy and efficient. We accomplished this by creating a QR code, optimizing the website signup form, and tying everything together with technology.
  • Automatically onboard prospects and customers. Reclaimed Interiors has two specific audiences: those seeking exquisite furniture pieces and those wishing to consign them. We needed a strategy for welcoming all those prospects at the same time. Between gorgeous, customized, automated messaging and a SuperCollector™ that spoke to everyone, we created a cohesive and unified onboarding process.
  • Elevate the brand. Although Reclaimed Interiors has a clear vision in person, Vicki hoped to boost its online presence to match. We went all-out to build on that vision—with monthly email broadcasts, review and testimonial requests, insider tips, and more.
  • Maintain communication with customers. The weekly email blasts featuring new shop inventory were a staple to her business, so we came up with a way to optimize the messaging while also easing the burden on Vicki’s shoulders. We created a custom template that gave Vicki the ability to update the messages on a dime while maintaining that professional, high-quality look. Plus, to avoid overwhelming her list with messages, we built an Email Preferences Center where users can choose how many emails they receive per month—rather than unsubscribe entirely.

With this custom strategy tailor-made for Reclaimed Interiors, we were confident that this new look would go over well with both their prospects and customers.

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New Look LOADING...

A New Look for Email Marketing

After scouring the virtual shelves for email marketing assistance, Vicki found the Email Broadcast website and sent over an inquiry. With our long history in the email marketing game—and our experience working with furniture retailers—Vicki could see that we would be a good fit with her business. We came together, took a look around, and came to a classy conclusion: we would collaborate to create a solution to lighten Vicki’s load… and grow her business at the same time.

Their Messages Are Turning Heads

The new look of Reclaimed Interiors’ custom email marketing didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, it made a jaw-dropping first impression. The automated welcome series boasts open rates up to 92.0% with click rates as high as 26.2%. As for the monthly broadcasts, which provide valuable content for readers as well as announcements for in-store furniture restoration classes, the story is the same. Open rates are as high as 50.8% with click rates up to 9.2%. It’s clear that the Reclaimed Interiors brand is looking good around every corner.


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What They’re Saying

“Top-notch service from every single person. I don’t have to worry that I am in good hands… because I know that I am! They make my business look amazing. They go above and beyond to make sure I am happy. I sooo appreciate this amazing group of people at Email Broadcast!!”

––Vicki Pene, Owner, Reclaimed Interiors


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