Overwhelmed Startup Wants to Make It in the Movies

Mobile filmmaking got a whole lot easier and fun when iOgrapher came on the scene. The company offers a host of video solutions for students, teachers, vloggers, journalists—anyone who wants to make high-quality videos with their smart devices.

iOgrapher’s signature “Multi Case” simply clips to your iPhone or iPad, so you can hold it steady with both hands and attach lights, microphones, and premium lenses.

No Time for Email Marketing

When iOgrapher’s founder, David Basulto, started working with Email Broadcast, the company was a three-man shop with a great product, strong momentum… but they were overwhelmed. They didn’t have the time to manage an email campaign. But they wanted to grow their sales, and they understood that email marketing was their number one tool for growth. They needed our support.

They Decided What to Focus On

During the discovery process, it was clear that iOgrapher needed these three key things to help them leverage email marketing as the primary driver to grow sales:

  1. A SuperCollector™ to gather email addresses when anyone visited iOgrapher’s website.
  2. An automated series of emails to introduce the company’s mission and product line to new list members.
  3. Monthly broadcasts to connect with readers while showcasing iOgrapher’s brand, voice, unique products, special offers, and instructional videos.

It’s a Box Office Boom 

Not surprisingly, iOgrapher’s list grew immediately and substantially. It tripled in size over the first three months and sales started rolling in 24/7 as the automation did its job. The monthly messages had open rates in the 40–50% range and helped launch the brand to the national level—now available at your local Best Buy.

The Reviews Are In 

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I really needed to have some support in the email newsletter area because I didn’t have enough time to do it all. I relied on Ken and his company, Email Broadcast. We started with like five hundred and now we’re at 1200 within a month, it’s just blown up like crazy. I’m really excited to work with them [and] can’t recommend them enough.”

—David Basulto, iOgrapher

See You On the Red Carpet

If you’re looking to make it big in filmmaking be sure to check out the iOgrapher product line. If you’re looking to make it big in email marketing, book an appointment.

How It Works

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