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ecommerce success with email marketing

Optic Nerve Looks to Email Marketing for ECommerce Success

In 1976, Bill and Tom—owners of Optic Nerve Eyewear and good friends—pooled enough money together to buy Tom’s dad’s sunglass business and run it from the back of their Subarus. Four decades later, the Optic Nerve headquarters in Denver, Colorado looks a lot different. But the company values haven’t changed. Optic Nerve remains independently owned and operated—and driven by the same rule-breaking moxie that set them apart in the beginning.

If you’re not familiar with the sunglass industry, you might not know that it’s monopolized by a couple of giant corporations. These corporations own the vast majority of the brands you see in the marketplace. They’ve even purchased the retail outlets. That means they can manipulate the cost to consumers—and they do. $300 shades anyone?

These Fierce Innovators

Optic Nerve sees the world through their own lenses. They refuse to bow to these intimidating conglomerates. Instead, they offer extreme value by managing all aspects of design, production, and distribution—providing cutting-edge lens technology, coatings, UV protection, polarization, frame design, and durability at reasonable prices. 

For them, the way to do business is to make exceptional products, empower their employees, partner with charitable organizations to support their community, remain accessible, and continually find ways to reduce environmental impact. 

They Needed an Email Campaign

When Optic Nerve first met with Email Broadcast, they relied mostly on their retail distribution channel, but they wanted to put more emphasis on e-commerce and boost the success of their online store. While the store was taking orders, Optic Nerve wasn’t seizing a HUGE opportunity to reach their audience and create brand loyalty with the #1 marketing tool for return on investment—email marketing.

Email marketing is critical for e-commerce sites. As an online retailer, Optic Nerve couldn’t afford to hope their customers remembered them when the need for sunglasses arose. They had to get in peoples’ inboxes, tell their awesome story, and build rapport with their audience—outdoor enthusiasts, moms, kids, and backyard barbequers alike.

With a Clear Strategy

● A SuperCollector™ to build their email list.

● An introductory welcome series for new list members to share Optic Nerve’s amazing history, their values, and their commitment to high-quality products at great prices.

Targeted automated emails to reach customers at vital points in their shopping journeys—like an “abandoned cart” email to remind people when they’ve neglected or forgotten to complete their purchases.

Monthly broadcasts to introduce new products, offer promotions, and relay news about the company’s community work.

To Produce Winning Results

Since implementing the strategy, Optic Nerve’s automated introduction series has seen average open rates of 34.5% and click rates of 7.2%.


Optic Nerve’s intro series Open Rate


Optic Nerve’s intro series Click Rate

By investing in email marketing, the company continues to:

● Build trust with their audience
● Foster brand loyalty
● Maintain consistent engagement
● Increase sales

The coolest part? Email Broadcast handles all the tedious details of the company’s email campaign so they have more time to do what they do best: create exceptional products, help their community, and adventure Colorado’s beautiful terrain—with high-performance eye protection of course.

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What our customers are saying

“Email Broadcast has given us the chance to not only increase sales, but also the number of customers returning to our site through their abandoned cart automation. They helped us capitalize on a new channel we were overlooking and we have seen nothing but positive returns from it!”

—Maggie Shaefer, Marketing Coordinator. Optic Nerve

How It Works

Transform your email marketing in three easy steps:

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Win More Business

This is where we execute a world-class email campaign to help you win more business while you celebrate, breathe a sigh of relief, and move on to your next project.

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