Online EMS Training Platform Revives Their Email Marketing

Online EMS Training Platform Revives Their Email Marketing

In the medical field, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest science, treatments, and procedures—especially for EMS workers. But when you’re learning how to save a life, you need more than a dry textbook or a stuffy slideshow. You need quality education with real-world experience to understand what you need.

That’s why Prodigy EMS developed its comprehensive digital Learning Management System (LMS) that puts previous continuing education models to shame. This system, designed by EMTs for EMTs, streamlines the recertification process and focuses on bringing current industry best practices to students. Learn from real-life case studies, multi-camera simulations, and more—all from an online platform that keeps track of your credentials for you.

Prodigy is the only EMS continuing education system that holds your hand through the recertification process with engaging, high-quality content that is critical for EMTs everywhere.

The Pandemic Presented an Unexpected Problem

Just as the Prodigy EMS platform was getting started in early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit… and everything changed. More medical professionals than ever were flocking to the internet for solutions to socially-distanced training—and Prodigy’s user list skyrocketed from 10,000 to 60,000 students almost overnight.

This was fantastic news for Prodigy EMS. Although the pandemic was quickly developing into a worldwide crisis, their LMS platform proved to be both effective and desirable for EMTs all over the nation.

But because it grew so fast so quickly, the company was faced with a few critical operational issues. These would need to be addressed quickly if they were to continue providing this vital service to the EMS community.


Their Email Marketing Needed Rescue

The Prodigy EMS team learned about the experts at Email Broadcast, and they decided to get a professional diagnosis. They worked with CEO Ken Mahar to narrow down the crucial areas that needed attention:

  • Tailoring communications with their two primary types of users (individuals and training officers)
  • Solidifying an authoritative presence in the market
  • Converting their free users to paying clients

We Developed a Treatment Plan

By working together, we created an email marketing strategy that would not only provide thought leadership to potential customers but would also serve their current user base for years to come:

Step 1: Create two distinct and informative automated email series for individuals and training officers.

Step 2: Start a monthly email broadcast to keep them in contact with their users. This would provide an opportunity to share industry news, notify users about recertification deadlines, and promote other programs and advanced degree options.

Step 3: Streamline their email marketing campaigns to provide consistency in their messaging and branding—and cement their reputation as the best and only option for continuing education.

Their Recovery was Phenomenal

Once this email marketing treatment plan was put into motion, it soon became clear that the results were phenomenal. For their automation series, open rates were up to 75% and click-through rates were up to 34%. Plus, their monthly broadcasts boasted open rates up to 37.6% and click-through rates up to 6.8%. Things were looking up! 

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