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A New Author Wants to Grow an Unshakeable Platform

Lauren Kinney is no stranger to fear. Starting in high school, she struggled with all sorts of it—fear of the dark, fear of going to college, fear of failing. By the time she attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas, it had culminated in sleepless nights, panic attacks, dread, even sobbing episodes in the lettuce aisle at Target.

That crippling anxiety is what inspired her to write her debut book, Unshakeable—to help young adults “take a pickaxe” to their own fear. With Christian faith as her guide, Lauren chronicles her journey from shaky to solid ground, encouraging readers to embrace the grace that Jesus and strong community promise them.

She Needed to Reach Her Audience

Unshakeable is only the start—Lauren knows she’s meant to contribute to the world through writing. She’s a new author with a long, bright future ahead of her. But as any writer in today’s market can tell you, maintaining a platform is part of the job. Which is why Lauren took an interest in Email Broadcast. As she saw it, building a warm and reputable email campaign was a foundational step to gather her growing audience.

Lauren had three goals when she met with us about email marketing:

  1. Build a following
  2. Sell books
  3. Upscale her platform

The Plan to Build a Following and Sell Books

To help her build her following, we designed a SuperCollector™ with an enticing offer. When readers visit her website they’re greeted with an opportunity to get Lauren’s 5-day devotional to “experience the nearness of God” in exchange for their email addresses. In this way, the young author steadily grows her list and readers receive something of genuine value.

Secondly, we wrote an automated “sales series” that introduces Lauren and her message while building her brand with a clear call to action. We really wanted to give the audience a taste of what’s available (freedom from fear) and what’s at stake (a life full of joy!).

Lauren already had a great website with solid branding. But in order to upscale her platform, she needed an email template to match. We created a recognizable template that’s on point with her brand, and content written in her down-to-earth, friendly, and fun voice.

“Lauren Kinney is a passionate Christian author with a distinct voice and a great perspective on letting go of fear. I wanted to capture those things in her automation series to drive sales for her book. Now she has an effective marketing tool that promotes her writing and builds ongoing relationships with those interested in her work. I love being the Account Coordinator on her Email Broadcast team.”

– Jeanene Steinberg, Email Broadcast Account Coordinator

A “Best-Selling” Email Campaign

The campaign is working. Her SuperCollector has an impressive conversion rate of 15.67%. Her automation series has open rates as high as 46% and click rates as high as 14%. We couldn’t be more excited to be helping Lauren Kinney on her journey in the publishing world.

Unshakable Book Cover

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Email Broadcast team created and implemented a personalized strategy to achieve every goal we set. After listening to my values and expectations, they crafted a successful email campaign that authentically expressed my voice.”

—Lauren Kinney, Author of Unshakeable

A Bigger Audience, More Sales & Peace of Mind

If you’re anything like Lauren Kinney, you may be wondering how you, too, can grow your platform, build trust with your audience, and increase your sales. Email marketing remains the #1 marketing tool for return on investment. The best part? We’ll handle every bit of it for you.

How It Works

Transform your email marketing in three easy steps:

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Book Appointment

We offer a free 20-minute consult to talk about your business and see if we might be a good fit. If a partnership sounds promising, we'll schedule a discovery call.

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Review Proposal

After we have all the facts, we’ll present a proposal outlining our tailored, full-service solution—what it will include, what it will do for your business, and what it will cost.

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Win More Business

This is where we execute a world-class email campaign to help you win more business while you celebrate, breathe a sigh of relief, and move on to your next project.

Book an Appointment

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