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Melfred Borzall dug deep and uncovered a treasure trove of sales conversions

Boutique Fashion Site Finds Affordable Yet Stylish Email Marketing Update


Motherhood is a wonderful—and challenging—job. In the busy schedule of being Mom, it’s hard enough to maintain a household and raise strong, independent children. Thinking about what to wear shouldn’t be another task on the list. 

That’s where Poppy & Dot comes in. This boutique online fashion store brings comfortable, stylish, and affordable clothes to moms everywhere. Each week they feature fresh styles sourced directly from the fashion district of Los Angeles, California. And since it’s all online, there’s no need to go out to the store; shopping is as simple as surfing social media. Poppy & Dot are here to help their customers make motherhood look easy—and stylish. 

The boutique was founded in 2019 by husband-and-wife duo Tami and Jeff Piper. Tami, fashionista and mother of five, wanted to share her passion with other style-savvy moms—and Jeff, a Silicon Valley tech veteran, had the know-how to turn that dream into a stunning online store. Their skills were beautifully coordinated. 

Their Digital Marketing Wasn’t Flattering Them

However, their digital marketing wasn’t doing the trick. Their website looked fantastic but lacked substance. They had an email newsletter, but the only automated marketing they were using was an abandoned cart message. Plus, their lackluster lead magnet wasn’t bringing in the traffic they needed. Jeff’s history in technology gave them a leg up in starting their homegrown business… but it also lent him critical insight: they needed help if they wanted to give Poppy & Dot their big break.


It Was Time for a New Look

The Pipers decided to meet with Email Broadcast. On our website, they saw that our team was stacked with experts who could give them tips on how to take their marketing to the next level. We scheduled a top-to-bottom audit of their entire digital storefront to see what was needed to take Poppy & Dot from meh to marvelous.

We Gave Them an Email Marketing Makeover

When we dug into their business, we found some gems… and some flops. At the end of the audit, we worked with the Pipers to come up with a few affordable goals for updating their digital marketing:

  • Build their email list with a compelling SuperCollector™ giveaway across all of their platforms to invite guests to give Poppy & Dot a second look.
  • Create a series of automated messages to introduce new customers to the Poppy & Dot lifestyle, win back customers who hadn’t been converted, and clean up the current list.
  • Establish best practices and train the Poppy & Dot team to better leverage the tools they already have, like Shopify and Mailchimp. This would help them better produce their own weekly email blasts while giving them the freedom to handle lightning-fast turnarounds.
  • Provide an affordable solution for continually improving their marketing strategies with help from the experts at Email Broadcast. We operate as advisors and meet with the team each month to evaluate their progress.

To keep costs low and capitalize on their investment, we created a hybrid model to provide Tami and Jeff with the tools they needed to get started—and maintain monthly reviews to keep them on the runway for success.


The Big Reveal

And the numbers couldn’t be more attractive. Their automated welcome series has open rates up to 51% and click rates up to 8%. Their win-back campaign to catch conversions that might otherwise have been lost boasts click rates up to 62% and open rates up to 12%. Even better, their abandoned cart automated message has open rates up to 61% and click rates up to 15%—that’s utterly fabulous!

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