Bass Resource Reels in Engaged List Members

Campaign Management and Target Market Lead Generation

Led by expert angler Glenn May, is the undisputed leader in bass fishing knowledge. Averaging nearly a million website visits each month, Bass Resource has a thriving community of engaged fishing enthusiasts. What they lacked was an effective email strategy to hook and land new members.

List Building

When Glenn first approached us to manage his weekly email campaigns, it didn’t take long for us to realize that wasn’t his greatest need. We compared the size of his email list to the amount of traffic he was getting on the website and discovered there were bigger fish to fry.

Like many websites, did not provide an easy or compelling email sign-up function. We designed a SuperCollector™ that got visitors’ attention and gave them a great incentive to sign up. Then we built three different desktop and mobile versions to see which lure would convert the best.


The site is extremely rich in content, but we noticed that new signups were not being effectively reeled in. Every fisherman knows if you don’t keep the rod bent and your prey engaged, it will slip the hook. Instead of relying on the curiosity of the user, we suggested sending a series of three messages with links to the best content, including popular instructional videos and the members forum.


The results have been astounding. The Bass Resource email list is on track to land more than 30,000 new members in the first year since partnering with Email Broadcast. With such a substantial increase, Glenn has new revenue opportunities he hadn’t previously considered, like selling sponsorship of the weekly newsletter.

Additionally, the three-part welcome series is performing exceptionally well, with a sustained open rate over 40% and a click-through rate over 20%. With buckets of new users, each one is now properly welcomed and receives information on the value of the website – substantially increasing engagement.

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