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Ashley HomeStore of Durango Rises Above Area Competition

Email marketing came through when other updates weren’t an option.

Ashley HomeStore Manager for the Durango, Colorado location, Tony Hermesman, approached us with the desire to go digital and establish a stand-out existence amongst heavy local-area competition. With Ashley corporate in control of the company-wide website, he needed a strong solution for follow-through and time-saving tools for his small sales staff.

The uniqueness of an email campaign—without a website to drive traffic to—was a “challenge accepted” moment. Email Broadcast built a staff follow-up tool, a welcome message to engage new list members, and three automated messages sent to new store visitors without buying.

1. Sales Form to assist staff in collecting prospect information.
This involves gathering contact data for sales staff to follow up on and keep potential customers engaged. A drop-down menu indicates the salesperson’s name, so all communications are given a personalized touch.

2. Welcome message to engage new list members and give them VIP status.
This series gushes the benefits of the in-store customer service reputation they spent years building, bolstered with customer testimonials.

3. Thank you message to initiate first contact to prospects.
This series acknowledges that although the customer hasn’t made a purchase yet, they’re in the right place. It’s the first step in building a trusted client relationship.

4. The family business—Tony’s story.
This focuses on getting up close and personal with three generations of the family business to build and recognize strong community support.

5. Internet browsing vs. in-store personalized experience.
This series differentiates the cold-style internet browse/order/wait for you shipment many weeks later to the in-person customer care of a small-town, local shop and inventory without the wait.

We’re not just selling furniture, we’re building relationships with our neighbors.

—Tony Hermesman

Ashley HomeStore Manager, Durango, Colorado

Tony relates, “Since we have no control over the Ashley website, engaging our customers with personalized email marketing is the only way to stay relevant amid competition not facing that battle.”

The results have been tremendous! Open rates are nearing 28%—well above the industry average—and just adding 25 people to his new sales staff form pulled in $7K in new sales. Tony’s store has increased its foothold in the Durango area with strategic automations and engaging monthly content, building meaningful customer/community relations (and sales!) along the way.

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