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Howdy Partner!

We look forward to working with you for our joint success.

We Have 3 Partnership Options

Thanks for your interest in partnering with Email Broadcast. Whether you’re a friend of ours, hungry for commission sales work, or own an agency-we have an option for you. Please reivew our three programs below:

Friends of Email Broadcast

If you’re a friend of Email Broadcast and you’d just like to do us a solid by referring someone you know – we’d still like to celebrate you with some kind of cool reward if the deal comes together. You won’t know what it is, it will just happen and our plan is to delight you. There is no paperwork you need to sign.

Signed Partners (we work with other agencies)

Agencies want to help their clients win and sometimes that means bringing in a partner. If running an advanced email marketing campaign for your client including strategy, content ideas, custom design, copywriting, coding, and QA sounds like a huge undertaking – you’re right.

Since Email Broadcast has over 20 years of experience executing world-class email campaigns you can have high confidence we can deliver for your client. And since we only do email marketing, you can rest assured we’re not going to step on your toes working together. We call these relationships “Signed Partners.”

Here are some basics of our Signed Partner program:

  • We offer up to 20% revenue share on the recurring revenue.
  • We have zero requirements for a minimum number of referrals.
  • Our Signed Partner program is currently free to join.
  • Requires a signed agreement to clarify our business relationship.