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Yup, the holiday season is upon us. To get in the spirit, Email Broadcast is embracing a worthy cause as our own after they contacted us and asked for our help pro bono. With email marketing as our specialty, we dramatically improve our clients’ abilities to reach out and connect. So with that in mind, we’d like to share the story of Eloise’s Cooking Pot.
In the communities of East and South Tacoma, Washington, children, seniors, and disabled can’t regularly eat due to economic hardship. In 2010, Ahndrea Blue, founder of Making a Difference Foundation began delivering food to tenants in this area, without any government assistance. In time, Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank emerged, named in honor of Ahndrea’s grandmother, who lived humbly, yet generously, by providing hot meals to those in need.

In three years, Eloise’s Cooking Pot volunteers have served over 1.5 million people, distributing nearly 3 million pounds of food. For some, Eloise’s Cooking Pot is their only source of food. Right now, deliveries are made using only one diesel-guzzling truck to serve over 1500 clients each week. They used to have another truck, but it was destroyed in an auto accident. Luckily, they’ve been selected as one of 250 finalist in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good. This program awards 100 vehicles over 50 days to 100 deserving non-profit organizations, and winners are decided by public vote. Winning a new vehicle would enable Eloise’s Cooking Pot to expand their delivery services, reaching more people in the community who desperately need their help.So this is where YOU come in. November 14th is the only day to vote. We’re doing our part by reaching out to our entire network. Can you please help out Eloise’s Cooking Pot by spreading the word too? They really need your vote and also ask that you share the cause by passing along our last email newsletter to your all of your friends and family.Thanks EB network! We know we can count on you!

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