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Mailchimp vs Klaviyo: Which Is Right for You?

Mailchimp vs. Klavyio is the cage match of the century–at least as far as email marketing goes. In some ways, the platforms are evenly matched. When weighing Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo, you’ll discover each one makes it easy to design, manage, and automate messages. Both options are high quality in their own rights. However, after you read this deep dive into their unique strengths, one should emerge as the right platform for you.

Of course, if you’re too busy to navigate the complicated world of marketing tools, we’ve got your back. By booking a FREE 20-minute consultation with Email Broadcast, we can assess your unique needs and direct you to the right platform.

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Where Mailchimp Makes a Monkey Out of Klaviyo

When it comes to integration, the monkey dominates in the Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo game.
Featuring 20 categories of integrations, Mailchimp connects easily with business, personal, and social media accounts. Consequently, sharing information is a breeze—whether you want to integrate contact management, design, ecommerce, or marketing accounts.

Additionally, Mailchimp’s pricing plans are significantly less expensive than its competitor. That’s a big difference when you’re on a tight budget. Unlike Klaviyo, Mailchimp has essential, standard, and premium packages. Therefore, when it comes to cost, the Primate is the clear winner in the Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo debate.

Moreover, when it comes to the ease of use with Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo, the former is also better. Not only does it have a simple, straightforward automation dashboard, but Mailchimp also offers lots of adaptable email templates. This is a godsend for folks who don’t want to monkey around with lots of niggling design details.

Look Like a Pro, Regardless of Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo

Even though Mailchimp is both price- and user-friendly, it isn’t totally intuitive. To create automated messages that are polished, professional, and engaging, it pays to work with Mailchimp experts. And as seasoned Mailchimp pros, we’ve got what it takes to optimize your promotional campaign right from the jump.

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How Klaviyo Clobbers Mailchimp

Although Mailchimp has some significant advantages over Klaviyo, that’s not the end of the story. In the Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo contest, Klaviyo is king when it comes to analytics. Using data that is collected directly from readers through signup forms and order tracking, Klaviyo gets a lot done:

  • Leverage more precise segmentation–using data based on past behavior and transactions
  • Collect data in real time–revealing when readers are most likely to engage with you
  • Utilize split testing functionalities–enabling campaigns to be crafted along specific metrics.

Along with more targeted analytics, Klaviyo also offers more sophisticated design features. To be sure, while Mailchimp’s templates are easier to use–especially for lay people–Klaviyo’s design builders are more customizable and flexible. So when it comes to folks who have specific ideas about design, Klaviyo wins in the Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo fight.

Risk-Takers Can Be Moneymakers in the Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo Game

While Klaviyo is decidedly more expensive than Mailchimp, it can be cost-effective for people eager to test a variety of marketing tactics. Unlike Mailchimp, Klaviyo gives subscribers full access to all its automation features from the get-go. As a result, if you want to try segmentation, abandoned cart notifications, and optimized split testing right away, Klaviyo may be the better option for you.

Making the added investment in Klaviyo may be a bold choice, but it doesn’t have to be a risky one. By working with a team of email marketing professionals, you can take calculated gambles without getting penalized. That’s the benefit of working with an agency with expert knowledge of Klaviyo’s remarkable data science.

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Make the Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo Question Irrelevant

If deciding between Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo gives you a headache, stop stressing. As a full-service email marketing agency, Email Broadcast has extensive experience with both platforms. After a free 20-minute consultation, we can show you how to best profit from email marketing. Because successful automation isn’t just about having the right marketing tools–it’s also knowing how to use them.

Still Confused about the Mailchimp vs Klaviyo Question?

Obviously, there’s a lot to unpack when weighing Mailchimp vs Klaviyo. Whether you’re part of a big company that regularly uses email marketing or a smaller operation that needs a few basics to get started, it’s important to find the tool that’s right for you.

If you need help making that decision, try getting some advice from a full-service email marketing agency like Email Broadcast. Let our email experts do a deep dive into your unique marketing tool needs. We’ll provide huge savings in money and manpower that can be poured right back into your business—where it belongs. Contact us for a free 20-minute consultation today.

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