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Mailchimp Pro Tips from an Email Marketing Agency

Mailchimp pro tips are key to leveraging the power of the most popular all-in-one integrated marketing platform. We should know; our Mailchimp experts sent over 85 million emails for clients using Mailchimp, generating more than $92 million in revenue. For this reason, we’ve made a Mailchimp crash course that converts visitors into customers, improves brand recognition, and—most importantly—boosts sales.

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Mailchimp Pro Tips for Getting Started

If you’re not familiar with the Mailchimp game, never fear. Its interface is made for people new to the automation game. After signing up, you can roll up your sleeves and put these Mailchimp pro tips into motion.

Take Advantage of Mailchimp’s Customer Service

One of the biggest advantages of Mailchimp is its terrific customer service. By all means, if you pay for it, you might as well use it. Whether you’re looking for Mailchimp pro tips on organizing contacts, exploring automations, or understanding your reports, you’ll get it. Furthermore, this support is available 24/7 from live experts in real time.

Mailchimp Pro Tip #2: Create a Clean, Responsive Subscriber List

The success of any automated email campaign relies on a list that is clean and responsive and doesn’t have duplicates. Consequently, here are some Mailchimp pro tips for creating an optimal list and importing your contacts:

  • Start with addresses that have opted into your list
  • Make sure subscribers have been active within the last 6 months
  • Use an email verification service before uploading your list

Make Beautiful Sign-Up Forms

The stronger your subscriber list, the better Mailchimp will perform for you. Without doubt, Mailchimp has some beautiful templates for sign-up forms. By demonstrating you will provide attractive, quality content, readers will be more likely to subscribe. This is one of those Mailchimp pro tips that’s easy to follow—so grab that vine and start swinging!

Master Merge Tags to Become a Bona Fide Mailchimp Pro

When starting your journey with Mailchimp, it’s helpful to learn how to use merge tags. Specifically, merge tags make emails feel personal by pulling the names of subscribers, companies, or audiences to connect with readers individually. People are 26% more likely to open your messages when they see their names included. It’s one of those Mailchimp pro tips worth learning from the get-go.

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Mailchimp Pro Tips for Design

Whoever said looks don’t matter clearly isn’t in the automated messages game. The right combination of colors, symbols and fonts create a brand identity that makes readers interested—or indifferent. To this end, Mailchimp makes it easy to create attractive designs. Here are some Mailchimp pro tips that will not only get clicks but also nab conversions.

Choose Images That Make You Look Like a Mailchimp Pro

Because email messages rely heavily on eye-catching images, it follows that picking the right visuals for your brand is critical. Give careful thought to these elements of your designs:

  • Color–Choose images that mirror your brand’s logo or vibe.
  • Size–Mailchimp has a helpful size guide that keeps images from being squashed or stretched.
  • Fonts–Ideally, you should choose between two or three combinations for legibility.

If you’re in the weeds regarding design, one of the best Mailchimp pro tips is to hire an email design agency. By nailing down your look from the very beginning, you can shift your focus to what Mailchimp does best: integration and automation.

Build an Email Template with the Drag-and-Drop Editor

If you’re not interested in spending money on a custom template, Mailchimp has a great fallback: a drag-and-drop editor with tons of great starting templates. This handy tool lets you build your own template with some predesigned formats, letting you launch automated messages with minimal fuss.

After all, having a custom template that instantly communicates your brand is half the ecommerce battle. Instead of being treated like an intrusion, readers will welcome your messages, checking them for the latest discounts and offers. With the brand recognition of a custom template, you will command a level of authority that’s second to none.

Layout Is Easy as a Mailchimp Pro

Mailchimp knows its stuff when it comes to how readers digest automated messages. The truth is, subscribers don’t read emails; they skim them. So one of the best Mailchimp pro tips is to break up your automated messages with strong headings and compelling lists.

With the help of Mailchimp’s fantastic templates, it’s easy to organize sections so that the most important information is featured at the top, and call-to-action buttons are showcased in bold boxes. Undoubtedly, when your text and images are well-organized, your campaigns will be a lot more successful.

Become a Top Mailchimp Pro with Campaign Analytics

Obviously, one of the greatest benefits of Mailchimp is its analytic power. Simply put, if you’re not taking advantage of this ecommerce tool’s analytics, you’re wasting a terrific resource. Here are just some of the analytic tools Mailchimp offers:

  • Click maps to track where people click when they open your messages
  • Revenue reports that monitor clicks all the way through the final purchase
  • Benchmarks that show how you’re competing with industry peers
  • Engagement reports that indicate when readers click, buy, or download messages

And that’s not all! There are many more Mailchimp pro tips regarding analytics that can really boost your business. Take a look below for more.

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Send Time Optimization for Striking When the Iron Is Hot

Mailchimp tracks your subscriber activity history to see when they’re most likely to click on your campaigns. Using this tool can increase your open rate by 25%—which makes this one of those no-brainer Mailchimp pro tips.

Launch Split Campaigns to Learn What Works and What Doesn’t

Mailchimp lets you create split tests for different audience segments. After reviewing the analytics from campaigns using different subject lines, layouts, and images, you’ll have direction for future automations. Of all the Mailchimp pro tips, this one tiny suggestion may have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Ad Reports to Refine Your Pro Marketing Strategy

Another one of those simple-and-easy Mailchimp pro tips is to check your ad reports. These reports are updated once every 24 hours after a Facebook or Instagram ad is run, and can give you all the numbers you need to know:

  • People reached
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Comments
  • Ad shares
  • Ad likes
  • Cost per click

These kinds of analytics are invaluable for showing how ads are performing, whether they’re being seen, and if you should ramp up your promotional game on social media. This is another one of those Mailchimp pro tips you should follow to make the most of this ecommerce tool.

Get The Very Best Mailchimp Pro Tips

However, if navigating Mailchimp is too much heavy lifting for you, don’t despair. An email marketing agency with expert knowledge of this cheeky monkey will help you turn this tool into an invaluable resource for your success. Book an appointment with us now!

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