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Mailchimp Templates

Mailchimp templates exist for virtually every email marketing purpose. Eye-catching and streamlined, these formats set your automations apart from the crowd. That said, any full-service email marketing agency knows all Mailchimp templates are not created equal. Accordingly, we can custom-design automated messages that perfectly communicate your brand.

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The Wild World of Mailchimp Templates

Mailchimp has templates for virtually every purpose. Whether you advertise a sale, announce a brand new product, report an upcoming event, or have breaking news, there’s a template for you. Of course, to create a look that’s unique to your brand, it’s best to create a custom template.

Chiefly, the benefit of a custom template is time management. Instead of replicating the same colors, fonts, and formats over and over again, Mailchimp allows you to create a single template that can be changed to fit each message. With Mailchimp, you can choose from the following templates:

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  • Member welcome messages
  • New collection announcements
  • Contest entries
  • Flyers
  • Special event invitations
  • Tickets
  • Holiday messages
  • Newsletters
  • Weekly deals
  • Appointment reminders
  • Subscriber alerts

Although these templates are undeniably professional-looking, they feel generic. And in a world where everybody sends email automations, you need to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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Get the Right Mailchimp Templates for Your Business

With over 100 customizable email templates to start from, picking the right ones can be complicated. It’s critically important to establish trust with your email list, and that starts with a great template. After all, readers asked to get messages from you. If you betray their trust by sending unsightly messages, they could stop taking you seriously. They might even unsubscribe. It’s much smarter to get expert help with Mailchimp templates.

When you have a professional design team to customize Mailchimp templates, your brand becomes synonymous with a look. The colors, font, and layout in your template become signatures for your business. Best of all, good-looking messages inspire forwards—and there’s no better way to go viral. In sum, if you want to grow brand awareness, increase your list, and ramp up conversions, have us customize your Mailchimp templates.

What It Takes to Craft Successful Mailchimp Templates

Because we’ve sent over 85 million emails using Mailchimp templates, we are Mailchimp experts. Your templates will be beautiful, professional, and—above all—click-worthy. In a sea of email automations, ours get opened time and time again. After all, we have 20+ years of experience creating campaigns for customers as diverse as furniture retailers, packaging companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Still skeptical? It may help to know we’ve generated over $92 million in revenue for our clients thanks to our Mailchimp expertise.

Create a Compelling Custom Template with Mailchimp

For the purpose of brand recognition, it’s best to use Mailchimp to create a custom template. Once you pick a template, you can add and format text, images, files, and logos to create a distinct look that conveys your brand—then save it for later use. Of course, the ideal customized template is clear, compelling, and attractive. With this purpose in mind, your automations command authority and convey consistency.

If you’re not confident about your coding, designing, or marketing skills, don’t worry. Mailchimp templates are designed to look highly professional right out of the gate.

Customize Your Own Mailchimp Templates

Of course, Mailchimp gives you the ability to customize its templates yourself. If you enjoy graphic design, that’s good news for you. Specifically, subscribers with a Mailchimp Standard plan or higher can create even more customized HTML templates for winning automations.

On other hand, if you’re unsure how to leverage the best images, fonts, and colors to serve your audience, contact Email Broadcast. We have a stable of designers and copywriters that can customize Mailchimp templates for both email campaigns and newsletters. While you conduct business, we do the heavy lifting for your automated campaigns. Without doubt, working with a full-service email marketing agency is a great investment in raising brand awareness.

Decisions to Make before You Customize Mailchimp Templates

Before you create a custom template, you should answer several questions. In essence, the reason for your email dictates the kind of design you should choose.

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Know the purpose of your message

Is it a welcome series? A product promotion? A seasonal campaign? Are you trying to promote brand awareness? Do you want to launch a re-engagement campaign? Once you know the answer to these questions, you narrow your options of Mailchimp templates.
For instance, when you want to promote your brand or re-engage customers, you should choose colorful, image-laden copy. This helps readers fuse your image with pleasing visuals. On the other hand, when you want readers to take action, choose a template that is centered around a call-to-action button. This makes it easy for readers to make a purchase or schedule a consultation.

Choose eye-catching images

Curate images or photographs that convey your brand in a compelling, consistent way. Make sure you use original artwork or photographs—the last thing you want is to run the risk of copyright infringement.


Pick the ideal layout

Explicitly, one-column layouts are ideal for short, simple messages like a sale or one-time offer. On the other hand, if your message is more complex, like a newsletter, it’s probably best to choose a multi-column layout. Does your email have long sections of text? Break up the copy with headers to make the copy more readable.

Make your message mobile-friendly

According to Statista, 4 out of 10 emails are opened on mobile devices. That means you should choose Mailchimp templates that look great on all platforms: phones, tablets, and computers.

Get Expert Help to Create Customized Mailchimp Templates

If all these considerations put you in a tailspin, don’t panic. Email Broadcast will customize Mailchimp templates that get clicks, opens, and conversions. Because when it comes to email marketing, you really don’t want to monkey around.

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