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Life Hacks: #2 Kaizen

Stay tuned for all 12 of our life hacks throughout 2019!

Stop Time-Suck with Kaizen™

By Dara Gibbs | 20 February 2019


Kaizen is the concept of continuous improvement. It’s mostly applied to business, but works well in everyday life, too. Every minute of your day counts, so if the productivity methods you’re using are sucking up more time than you have, now’s the time to reassess your process and make some changes. Here are just a few of our favorite shortcuts to help streamline your day.


Mobile Shortcuts.
We’re all short on time, so creating text shortcuts on your mobile device can really speed up the process. For iPhone shortcuts, click here. You can also use the Siri Shortcuts App to get things done with a tap or by asking Siri.

Inbox Filtering.
If you’re tired of scouring your inbox to find an important email, it’s time to create some filters. Organize your inbox by setting up automation rules to sort your email into folders. Here’s how you can do it in Gmail. You’ll be able to find your emails quickly, right when you need them.

Automate Your Copyright Updates.
If you or your team have a hard time remembering to update the copyright year in your email footer each time the clock hits the twelfth toll after midnight on December 31 (especially after several glasses of champagne), it’s time do things the easy way—with a merge tag.

Use “*|CURRENT_YEAR|*” in your email footer.It will update itself every year—automatically—without you having to lift a finger. Merge tags, in general, are always a good idea as they grab essential information about your list… and some of the content is even required by law. By the way, you can do the same thing with your website. Did it roll to 2019 automatically? Fix it forever here.

You can learn more about merge tags with this cheat sheet from MailChimp. Enjoy!

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