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Founder Ken Mahar’s Big Reveal for 2020

It’s Ken Mahar, CEO of Email Broadcast, coming to you from my local nude beach Pirates Cove. I just wanted to say thank you for hanging out with us this year. It was a big year for Email Broadcast as we retooled with an all-new website and an email campaign that put our clients in the spotlight. We were happy to help several of our clients have their best year ever.

Some audience favorites were when we highlighted furniture retailer Ivan Smith and their use of over 20 different automation emails. Another crowd-pleaser was new client AAACEUs’s story about understanding and connecting with their audience. There was Knik River lodge and how they’re using a SuperCollector™ and email series to go after a very specific part of their business—events, and especially weddings. Also in Alaska was Alaska Alpine’s success story about how when your “busy season” demands 100% of your attention, there’s a lot of value in having a dedicated Account Coordinator who’s still getting your email marketing done. We hope you enjoyed this year’s campaign and got something out of it.

So what’s the big reveal? Slow down there buster, and enjoy the foreplay. Before I get to that, I want to remind you of an annual tradition we have here at Email Broadcast. No, it’s not skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean—that’s my personal thing.

Every year, including this one, Email Broadcast shuts down for the week of Christmas and again for the week of New Years to make sure our people get the restoration they need for the upcoming year. Hey, you try being creative on demand for 12 months straight and you’ll know how important this is.

You might be thinking, “Wait, you’re closed for two weeks straight? How do your clients put up with that?” The truth is, some never know. We’re busy working on January messages already because we have a PLAN for their campaign and we’re executing in advance. We don’t do emergencies at Email Broadcast and, frankly, neither should you.

Speaking of plans, I’m not going to beat around the bush any longer. Nope. I can’t tease you forever. Eventually, I’ll just have to let you have it.

Ok, here’s the BIG news. In 2020, to celebrate our 20th anniversary in business, we’re going to send out 20 of our very best secrets around email marketing and business in bite-size video messages. These will have valuable, hard-hitting, actionable advice to help you improve your email marketing and your business—even if you’re not a client of ours.

We’re also going to include a giveaway in every single message we send because nothing works quite so well as bribery. Just ask the President of the United States of America. What kind of giveaways, you ask? The awesome kind. You’ll just have to open each message to find out.

I hope, like some of our clients, you had the best year ever in 2019 and if you didn’t, make 2020 your year. Until next year, I’m Ken Mahar.

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