Position title
Client Onboarding / Email Marketing / Data Analytics

We’re looking for an email marketing operations expert to lead new clients through our onboarding process while expertly wrangling their expectations and deliverables. The ideal candidate will have a passion for data analytics, the ability to create compelling copy, the expertise to manage client relationships, and experience with email platforms like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, or Blueshift.

Email Broadcast has been running full-service email marketing campaigns for our clients since 2000. If you have an analytic and creative mind with extreme attention to detail (and live in the USA)—we want to talk to you.

This is a long-term remote, part-time contractor role, approximately 15–25 hours per week. Our core hours are Monday–Thursday, 10 am to 4 pm (Pacific Time). Yes! We take three-day weekends EVERY week. You’ll have plenty of flexibility to get your work done but you’ll need to be generally available for live video meetings with team members and clients, as well as project assignments during those hours. If you have other commitments during this time, this role isn’t a good fit for you.

Core Responsibilities
  • Create new audiences in Mailchimp including merge fields, groups, tags, and sign-up forms; connecting with Google Analytics and Facebook
  • Strategize and set up automated sales series including triggers, segmentation, and post-send actions
  • Lead onboarding projects with 200+ to-do items lasting 60-90 days
  • Serve as the main point of contact for clients during onboarding and expertly wrangling their expectations and deliverables
  • Manage integration processes between Mailchimp and client CRM or POS (not responsible for the actual coding of the integration, just keeping the team on track and understanding how the data flows)
  • Write copy for automated messages like sales funnels, post-proposal follow-up, abandoned cart, long-term follow up, list hygiene, etc.
  • Strategize, write copy, manage the design process, and oversee the installation of custom pop-up join forms
Competencies & Experience
  1. Mailchimp Expert (preferred): extensive experience with list setup and management, complex automated message series, groups setup, tags, advanced segmentation and reporting, and setting up customer journeys. Bonus points for experience using merge tags to create conditional content.
  2. Project Management Guru: experience managing long-term projects including being an expert resource clients can go to for any and all questions and act as a liaison between multiple internal teams. On-the-fly problem solving is a must. Bonus points for having previous experience working on an onboarding team.
  3. Join Forms: experience strategizing and setting up join forms (pop-up, website, and landing page). Should be familiar with best practices for triggers, design, and timing. Bonus points for experience installing third-party forms with a website.
  4. Analytic Mind: can you look at a spreadsheet of email campaign reports and figure out what's going on with the bigger picture? Are there trends of what works or doesn't work? Are subscribers dropping out of email series who shouldn't be? If you love excel, numbers, and math—then this is the right job for you.
  5. Tech-savvy: this goes beyond Microsoft Office suite or Google Apps. Ideally, we’re looking for someone to join our team who has experience with Basecamp, Klaviyo, Jotform, OptinMonster, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Basic HTML experience would also be awesome (and an extreme love for burritos.)
  6. Copywriting: copywriting for sales is a must. This is not value add or storytelling (but those should be present in each piece of copy written). It's usually focused on leading customers step by step toward a sale.

You’ll Get Bonus Points For:

  • Mailchimp (Certification, preferred)
  • Klaviyo
  • Blueshift
  • Basecamp
  • OptinMonster
  • Jotform
  • WordPress
  • Shopify, Shopsync
  • HTML
  • WooCommerce
  • StoryBrand Framework
  • $20–$25 per hour
  • 15–25 hours per week
  • 3-day weekends
  • Unpaid holiday for the week of 4th of July
  • Unpaid holiday for two weeks at end of year
  • Performance and year-end bonuses
Next Steps
  1. Send an email with your resume to operations@emailbroadcast.com
  2. In the subject line use EXACTLY this: Your Operations Specialist (don't get creative here—this is how we sort the incoming mail and if you can't follow these instructions, you'll never hear from us.)
  3. In your email, tell us why you're the right person for the job and sell us on interviewing you.

This role is for a remote contractor, but if you want to know where our headquarters is located, it’s in Index, WA.

  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Rate DOE - 1099 contractor status



Hourly requirements
15-25 hours per week
$20-$25/hour DOE


What’s it like working for Email Broadcast?

Read about the top reasons our team members choose to work here.

"I’m a stay-at-home mom (who happens to have 25+ years of marketing, copywriting, operations, and business development experience). My husband works full time but with the high cost of living, it never seems to be enough to cover the “extras” of life. Working part-time for Email Broadcast fits that bill.

I get to work from my home office alongside an amazing all-remote team, great clients, and our CEO who is incredibly talented in finding unique solutions that help our customers grow their business. Our company culture of all A-players has been an incredible experience. I'm truly blessed to have found this contractor gig that I can put all my efforts into Monday through Thursday, and then relax for a 3-day weekend—every week!"

—Dara Gibbs, Vice President of Client Services

"In the many years that I’ve navigated the professional world, it became increasingly important to work with people that are not only relatable but work well together for a greater goal. I became increasingly impressed with Email Broadcast as I browsed the website. I also sensed a fun, casual side, especially because I love a good burrito. As a wife, and mother of 4 with a wide range of skills looking for a long-term, part-time position—this felt like a dream.

Since joining the Email Broadcast team, I’m still blown away time and time again by how smooth the organization operates; a truly well-oiled machine. Each person is a precise and intentional “gear” that fits into the team. It’s often forgotten that we’ve never met in person from how well everyone communicates with ease. We work extremely hard 4 days a week to win our clients more business. The support given by our CEO, Leadership, and fellow Team members inspires constant growth. Working for Email Broadcast has been a truly rewarding experience. We work hard, have fun, and are a team full of badasses."

—Kris Davis, Account Coordinator, Marketing & Operations Assistant

Employment Type
Job Location
Working Hours
Monday through Thursday, 10 am - 4 pm Pacific Time
Base Salary
$20-$25 Per hour
Date posted
May 10, 2022
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Position: Client Onboarding / Email Marketing / Data Analytics

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