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How To Do Email Marketing

Six Basic Steps To Get You Started

Business is booming, and you want to keep it that way by increasing awareness about your company. In the digital age, you know that email marketing is the way to go. After all, this strategy still outperforms social media campaigns by ridiculous margins.

But reaching thousands of current and potential clients or customers can seem overwhelming at first. You might be thinking, “I don’t know how to do email marketing. Where do I even start?”

You don’t have to be Mailchimp experts to begin your campaign—and Email Broadcast is here to help. Here are six ways to kick off your email marketing.

1. Collect Email Addresses and Grow Your List.
Do you have a database full of email addresses already? Great! If not—don’t stress. Having multiple strategies for collecting contacts is how to do email marketing better (and it’s good to try these ideas even if you already have a list). Create a sign-up form or solicit on your website and social media. Be direct and let people know you’re collecting their information, but reward them with a small discount or giveaway for those who register. Make them feel like they’re missing out if they don’t receive your future campaigns. Most importantly, leverage all of these strategies for your company—and be creative to come up with more. 


2. Set Up a Campaign Strategy.
As email marketing experts, we know that making sure readers receive a welcome message as soon as they register is crucial. Arrange a series of automated messages for those who opt in. Follow the sales funnel. Then, send emails regularly—but not so often that you’re inconsiderate of the reader’s time. No more than once or twice a month is a good rule of thumb. Tailor your send times to fit your audience’s reading habits, too. Plan ahead, make a schedule, check your statistics—and start seeing results. 

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3. Keep Your Readers Engaged.
Identify how often you want to keep readers informed about your business. If you have a monthly sale, set up your campaign to go out shortly before the sale begins. But don’t just use your email marketing as a virtual coupon mailer. To learn how to do email marketing right, give your readers something of value for free by sharing content that is instantly beneficial. For example, highlight a fun fact about your business, or note a unique specialty. Make the reader feel like each message is a gift, and let them know they’ll get something worth reading every time you send. By building trust and rapport, they’ll click more of your messages—and buy your products. 

4. Create a Reusable Template.
Readers like consistency. They want to recognize your branding in an instant and know what to expect when they see your campaign—so use a template that is stylistically yours, yet flexible enough to work for a variety of messages. And don’t forget: white space is your friend. Leave room in your design for your reader to breathe. Create something that can be used for current and future campaigns and uses your voice. Want some inspiration? Here’s a quick list of sources to help you find your look.

5. Test, Test, and Test Some More.
Checking your numbers for improvement is vitally important when learning how to do email marketing—both for the content and timing of your emails. One way to gauge what a reader finds valuable is through A/B testing. Compare the results of different subject lines, preview lines, or header images. Find out what time your emails are most often opened, and consider how that fits with the lifestyle of your typical readers.

6. Track Results.
Finally, why learn how to do email marketing if you’re not going to follow up with the results? Take a look at who’s opened your emails, clicked your links, and followed through with a purchase or information request. Knowing your statistics will help you make decisions about future campaigns and hone in on your audience.

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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

These strategies take time to implement and perfect—and it’s not something that happens overnight. These tips are a great foundation to begin your email marketing, but there is so much more you can do to make the most out of it for your business. 

However, you don’t have to tackle your whole email marketing campaign by yourself. That’s where hiring a full-service email marketing agency is the best boost for your business. At Email Broadcast, our team of experts has leveraged these strategies and more to keep companies like yours retaining and acquiring more customers—with lucrative results. 

If you’re interested in taking your marketing to the next level, sign up for a free 20-minute consultation with  Email Broadcast and see what our marketing experts can do for you.

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