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Fire Your Email Marketing Manager

Some people are getting rich on email marketing… Are you?

In this video, I explain why you should fire your email manager, and why you just might get rich from your email marketing if you do.

If you prefer to read a transcript of the video, I’ve copied it for you, below.

Some people are getting rich using email marketing, but I’m guessing it’s not you…

In this video I’m going to share our five secret weapons on how you can have an amazing email campaign and why should fire your email marketing manager.

You and I both know that email marketing is not dead — not by a long shot.

In fact the Direct Marketing Association ranks email marketing number one on return on investment over any other medium, including SEO, social media, AdWords — all of them…

Smart business owners like you already know that having an excellent email campaign is THE answer to a lot of your business problems.

  • Number one, driving revenue. In a recent survey, companies said that 21 percent of the revenue came from their email marketing channel. Last year, we drove over ten million dollars in revenue for one of our clients, just through the email channel.
  • Second, an email audience is a built-in market ready for your next product or service.
  • Third, you can find out what your customers really want by tracking their interest on what they open and what they click.
  • Fourth, everyone knows it’s a great way to automate your sales and marketing.

The problem is that most businesses are relying upon old marketing techniques that just simply don’t cut it anymore.

There are five secret weapons you need to have in building a money-making email marketing campaign.

That brings me to your email marketing manager…

When you hired this person, you probably thought, “I’m finally making that investment in email marketing that my company deserves.”

But it hasn’t worked out that great, has it?

And why not? Because besides how talented this person seemed at first, they’re not the answer to your email marketing problems.

You see, they’re only one individual, and they only have a limited set of skills.

Tell me the truth, after you hired this person, and found out that you still had to spend money on a designer and coding expert just to get your email launched, you probably felt a little cheated, didn’t you?

And then, when you find out that your email marketing manager wasn’t the best copywriter in the building, let alone the state, you either had to lower your expectations or go and hire one of them as well. Every month.

So now you have a manager that’s trying to hack together a disjointed team, trying to put something magical together, and all at the last minute.

So, how’s that working out for you?

If you’re like a lot of our clients, you’re sick of it. And, frankly, you should be. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Instead of wasting $84,000 a year — which is the average salary for an Email Marketing Manager, according to payscale.com — why not hire Email Broadcast at a fraction of the price?

We have an entire team that’s ready to go to work on your campaign.

So, here are the five things you’ll get with Email Broadcast. We call them our secret weapons.

  1. Number one, you get me. My name is Ken Mahar. I’m the founder of Email Broadcast. I have a 25-year track record in sales in retail, business-to-business, and enterprise-level selling. I was number one in every company that I work for. In fact, I was the national walk around champion for Honda… Number one out of ten thousand salespeople. I’ll take my sales experience, combined with 15 years of email marketing experience and put those to work for you and your campaign on day one.
  2. Number two. Then there’s Kim. She’s not only an award-winning writer, she actually grew an e-commerce operation from $300k to $5 million dollars a year for a local retailer. She’ll come up with innovative ideas that will blow your mind… you probably never even thought of. As our operations
    manager, she’ll make sure that your campaign never misses a beat.
  3. Third is David. He’s a graphic designer with over 20 years experience. He’s The Master at conjuring the perfect imagery that nails your brand. He’s a creative genius! It took us forever to find him. He’ll be on your team.
  4. Which brings me to number four: Larry. Larry’s never met a black box with blinking lights that he didn’t fall in love with, take apart, and put back together again. He’ll have your system talking to our system in a flash, with no excuses.
  5. Fifth, and maybe most important, is your account coordinator. This is a person that is assigned to your account who will get to know your business as well as you do. They’re going to be your constant companion, writing every word of your content as a trained copywriter. Like a virtual member of your marketing team, she’ll be working on your campaign, monitoring its results, and planning the next thing way before your team would have. She’ll make sure it has your voice and is brand-perfect.

With these five team members all pouring their experience into your campaign, soon you’ll be getting rich using email marketing.

So, now you have an important decision to make: are you going to fire your email marketing manager and all the related expenses, and then hire the world-beating team at Email Broadcast for a fraction of the price with better results?

Of course you should!

And here’s the good news: we have availability. We only work with 25 clients at a time, and right now we have space for a couple more.

So if you’re interested, click this link: Book a 20-Minute Appointment

We’ll have a twenty minute, no obligation, conversation and I’ll tell you exactly what we could do for your campaign, and what the investment will be. You can then compare what you’re getting now, what you’re paying for now, versus what we could put together. I think the decision will be easy.

So go ahead and click this link: Book An Appointment Now
and I’ll see you online.

Seriously. go ahead and click the link:  A FREE, no obligation consultation
I’ll wait here…

You can do it. It’s right down below:

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