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Get an Email Partner to Maximize Your Email Marketing Mojo

Getting an email partner is a bold move that can really pay off. Because it reports up $42 for every $1 spent in ROI, it only makes sense to jump into the email marketing game. However, going it alone can be a costly mistake that undermines your bottom line. With this in mind, consider the benefits of working with a full-service email marketing agency.

Book a free 20-minute appointment with an email partner like Email Broadcast. We can provide you all the benefits below for a fraction of the price of an in-house solution.

You Stay Ahead of the Email Marketing Game

An email partner fully focuses on ever-changing market trends, keeping your campaigns relevant and on point. Whereas an internal employee scatters their attention over a variety of tasks, an email partner fully focuses on creating a winning campaign. For example, here are some of the duties an ideal partner performs:

  • Maintain best practices like avoiding SPAM traps and standardizing message dimensions
  • Monitor the performance of your past campaigns and discovering when and where customers click on your emails
  • Stay informed about the latest data privacy trends (like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection)
  • Optimize messages to the latest mobile device technologies, ensuring your emails can be easily read and accessed
  • Fight data delay so you can make informed email marketing decisions
  • Perform split tests to improve your email marketing content and strategy
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An Email Partner Delivers Fantastic Value

Instead of hiring an employee to handle your email marketing, you need to think this through. With the right email partner, you get a Madison-Avenue-worthy email campaign for less than a part-time employee. Unquestionably, the value we deliver for a professional email campaign is enormous. See for yourself—book a free 20-minute consultation with us today.

Your Email Campaigns Get Clicks and Build Business

Compelling messages that prompt clicks aren’t built in a day. On the contrary, they are crafted by expert copywriters, designers, and coders. Using their combined expertise, an email marketing agency blends words, images, and layouts to command attention and spark conversions.

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An Email Partner for Your Digital Agency

Our partner program allows agencies that don’t have email marketing experience to tap into the power of email marketing for their clients. As full-service email marketers, we partner with agencies that can’t handle all the components of a winning automated campaign.

This is how it works: we handle strategy, content ideas, custom design, copywriting, coding, and quality assurance for the client’s emails. Meanwhile, your agency performs their other promotions. Because we’re solely dedicated to full-service email marketing, we won’t interfere with your initiatives. It’s a win-win.

To clarify, here are some basics of our Signed Partner program:

  • Up to 20% revenue share on recurring revenue
  • Zero requirements for a minimum number of referrals
  • Currently free to join
  • A signed agreement to clarify our business relationship

A Professional Email Partner Builds Confidence

From adventure travel businesses and furniture retailers to lawyers and solar energy firms, we’ve created winning email marketing campaigns for a variety of industries. While their offerings are vastly different, their need is the same: fantastic email messages that convert readers into customers. Here’s what some past email partners say about working with us:

An Email Partner That Gets It

“My experience with Email Broadcast has been excellent since we started together in 2014. They really get ‘our voice,’ which helps in communicating our message. As a small operation, the ability to outsource this aspect of our marketing has meant consistent messages with great feedback from patients.” –Julia C. 5/18/2020

Exponential Business Growth

“Ken and his team are phenomenal—our business has grown exponentially since we started properly utilizing email marketing. I HIGHLY recommend Email Broadcast’s services to all business owners!” –August E., 5/18/2020

Successful Digital Marketing with an Email Partner

“We now are working months ahead of our campaign and our email list is one of the most valuable marketing tools in our arsenal. In addition to being effective at what they do, it feels like Email Broadcast is a true partner and member of our marketing team. They are reliable and consistently bring ideas outside of email marketing that are valuable. I recommend them wholeheartedly.” –Trey S., 5/18/2020

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A Dedicated Email Partner You Can Count On

Unlike an internal employee that may leave at any time,  we’re not going to quit on your campaign. With over 20 years of experience creating winning email messages, we’ll stay focused on building momentum for you—drawing on the power of our incredible team of email marketing experts. When you become email partners with us, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every message. Simply put, we create the campaign and you let it roll.

    The Right Email Partner for Your Needs

    Of course, partnerships need careful consideration. If you’d like to explore getting an email partner, book a free 20-minute consultation. By all means, we’re happy to discuss your email marketing needs to see if we’re the right fit for you.

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