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Is Your Target Marketing on Target?

Target marketing involves researching a company’s current and potential customer bases. By looking for similarities in location, age, and buying preferences, target marketing allows companies to streamline marketing efforts. Finding groups of people who are more likely to purchase products or services narrows the focus to a specific audience. This increases revenue potential and reduces fruitless efforts of casting a wide net across all demographics.

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3 Ways to Identify Your Target Market

Let’s take a look at three ways companies use target marketing:

Psychographics. Using psychographics drills down into people’s personality traits in relation to their AIOs (activities, interests, and opinions). This method helps determine reasons for people’s behaviors based on emotions and motivations. For example, website analytics, social media analytics, and surveys are all ways to discover personality traits in your target market.

Demographics. This method breaks down target markets based on specific yet generalized criteria. Examples of demographic research include income levels, marital status, number of children, and if they are a renter or homeowner.

Geographic. The most generalized of all three is geographic location, which focuses on where a person lives, works, or travels. These data points include a person’s country, state, city, and even zip code.

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Determining Your Target Customer Using Target Marketing

In this section, we’ll look at how target marketing allows you to further define and refine your target customer. Defining a target customer gives companies enhanced target marketing precision. It also assists companies in selling specific products or services to a target market group based on in-depth segmentation.

For example, let’s pretend you market for an online luxury resale business. Your target market is women between the ages of 25 and 55 years old. They are savvy buyers of high-end clothing and accessory pieces. In addition, they understand the trends, won’t purchase anything that’s not authenticated, and know the value of the apparel they’re interested in.

But not all of your target market is interested in every brand you resell. Therefore, your business has multiple target customers within your target market. Some target customers prefer Italian products, while others prefer French designers. A segment of your market prefers accessories, while another likes trench coats.

By breaking down a large target market into clearly-defined target customers, you narrow down your marketing persona. Not only does this increase the likelihood for increased open and click-through rates for your email marketing, but it also tells the potential customer you know what they want.

4 Tips for Successful Email Target Marketing

Now that you’ve defined your target market and target customer, it’s time to develop strategies to build connections with your specific audience(s). It’s common knowledge that you can reach more people via email than a tweet. So knowing how to reach your target markets and target customers with email is critical to your success.

1. Create customized content.

Crafting content specifically for your target market and/or target customer does more than just help you in search engines. It builds a connection with your audience… and that sells.

This takes strategy and forethought, but it positions your company as a leader in the industry and a trusted resource—and it’s well worth the work.

2. Segment your email lists.

Segmenting your email list is the process of breaking it down into defined categories based on your target marketing. If you’re marketing for a sports equipment company on a soccer cleat campaign, segment your email list based on specific sports interests. By leveraging the power of your data-gathering, you increase your chances for maximum engagement and sales. Although this means sending your campaigns to smaller groups of people, the messages are more likely to engage readers and motivate a purchase.

3. Consider niche email target marketing.

Niche email target marketing breaks down email lists into even smaller segments, maximizing engagement and buying power. This means segmenting an email list into micro-markets based on the highly specific needs of certain users.

For example, target a soccer cleat made specifically for players with high arches in their feet.

4. Hire the experts.

Still need help? Email marketing and content creation is a time-consuming process, but it reaps many rewards.

As email target marketing experts, we define your audience and build relationships that can turn into transactions.

Schedule a consultation with us.

When Hiring an Email Expert Makes a Difference

Using email to take advantage of target marketing was the best-performing digital marketing strategy in 2021. Yet many businesses don’t have the resources to effectively maximize their email marketing potential. That’s when hiring email marketing experts plays an important role in reaching your target market.

Take a look at some companies that found exactly what they needed by using emailbroadcast.com for their email marketing solutions:

College Baseball March: College Baseball Match is an online resource for coaches, parents, and players to communicate and receive important information for high school baseball players. Using target marketing via segmentation uncovered that by using two different emails—one for coaches and one for players and parents—the company dramatically increased their open and click-through rates.

AAACEUs: As an online continuing education provider for the healthcare industry, AAACEUs caters to a range of healthcare professionals. They knew email marketing would bring them success, but they needed to refine their target market and connect in a meaningful way. In order to do so, they needed to know the common traits across all professions to keep the tone and substance of their messaging on target. Emailbroadcast.com helped them find that common ground and bridge the gaps in their email marketing.

Find more case studies on our website, and book an appointment with us to see what else we can do to help your business.

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