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B2B Email Marketing That Delivers Results

Business-to-business (B2B) email marketing is a highly successful way to build relationships, increase selling power, and become a leader in your industry—when carefully curated. Within that business, there are multiple people who need to be influenced and interested in your emails, which makes it a harder sell.

The nature of B2B email marketing is unlike business-to-consumer (B2C) email marketing because it targets an entire business, which requires a longer strategic process called account-based marketing (ABM). ABM uses strategic outreach campaigns to target and influence multiple people across a single organization.

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Finding the right prospects isn’t easy.

Not only is strategic B2B email marketing time-consuming, but companies that aren’t harnessing email marketing opportunities are leaving sales and revenue on the table. Determining qualified leads, nurturing your contacts, and engaging with your audience increase your company’s brand awareness, loyalty, and volume.

The most common ways companies try to get more prospective leads are reactive, by waiting for prospects to find them:

  • Walk-ins
  • Website
  • Word of mouth
  • Social media
  • Search engines
  • Pay-per-click advertising

But is this really enough? Do you have a steady stream of new clients coming in while your revenue is steadily growing? If the answer is no, it’s time to take a proactive approach to finding prospective customers. Building the top of your funnel is fundamental to growth.

Here’s How We Help Build External Business

We want you to capture every opportunity to build relationships with prospective customers. At Email Broadcast, we help you continually have conversations, which keeps you at the top of customers’ minds. This means that when they’re ready to buy… you will be there.

Finding You Qualified Leads

Now that you’ve defined your target market and target customer, it’s time to develop strategies to build connections with your specific audience(s). It’s common knowledge that you can reach more people via email than a tweet. So knowing how to reach your target markets and target customers with email is critical to your success.

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Identify companies and key roles. After you provide us with the criteria you are looking for, our team will provide you with a weekly list of names, roles, emails, and phone numbers for your sales team to engage with.

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Outreach@scale. It all starts with a prospective outreach list. Then, we create a compelling digital marketing campaign based on your value proposition to find and identify those who are ready to talk with your sales team.

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List builder. We’ve got a customized method for capturing every opportunity to build a relationship with prospective customers. From capturing web traffic and point-of-sale traffic to foot traffic, our solutions give you more opportunities to engage and stay top of mind. Remember… when they are ready, you will be there.

Nurturing Your List

Automate: There are several steps in making a prospect a customer—and one of the most important is automation. Our email automation process accelerates customers through your sales funnel with a series of compelling messages, keeping them engaged to increase your conversion rates. From drip campaigns that connect their problems with your solutions to staff and contact forms, which easily add customers into your workflow, we build you lists of qualified contacts week after week.

Here’s How We Help Internal Communications

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Engaging Your Employees: Employee engagement is critical in today’s business environment. That’s why creating opportunities to engage with your teams is so important. Effective communication helps to promote your company’s mission, vision, and values. It also allows for employee recognition, creates success stories, and builds a connection with leadership.

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Employee newsletters: Did you know that newsletters are one of the most effective ways to stay connected with your employees? When employees are engaged with their company and feel their voices are heard, retention rates rise, absenteeism drops, and productivity thrives. At Email Broadcast, our expert writers and designers can create beautifully-crafted newsletters that reflect your company’s brand and voice.

Each newsletter highlights:
– Three employee features
– Up to 10 announcements/small articles

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Automation for new employees: High employee retention rates happen when people feel valued and included. Using staff forms to start a series of emails containing training topics, helpful tips, how to contact IT, and other useful information starts the road to longevity. We take care of the automation and writing process for you, so new employees are consistently in touch with the pulse of your organization.

Engagement is at the heart of everything we do. Let us create an effective line of communication between you, prospective customers, and valued employees.

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