Change The World
We specialize in email marketing for non-profits. Inspire your members, collect more donations, and focus on the big picture by using expert email marketing.


Running a non-profit is HARD. It takes time, passion, ingenuity and a desire to want to make the world a better place.

Chances are your organization depends on new and repeat donors and volunteers to thrive. Email marketing is the ideal tool for helping nonprofits tell their story, collect more donations and engage the world in your efforts to help change it for the better.


Unfortunately, most non-profits have the WRONG strategy and it’s holding them back.

We have 20 years of experience in email marketing for non-profits and want nothing more than to help tell your story and inspire a new generation of people to be involved in your cause.

We want to make a world of difference for the people who make a difference in the world.

You Want To Save The World, Not Write Email Campaigns

Changing the world takes time, money, and dedication—qualities it shares with email marketing. We want to take email marketing off your plate so you can focus on the big picture: Making change happen. We specialize in email marketing for non-profits. Let us help engage your email list with beautiful campaigns that inspire them to donate their time, money, and service to your cause.

The Right Campaign Can

  • Collect contacts you’re currently missing on your website
  • Convert those contacts into new donors and volunteers through automated marketing
  • Give your mission a real voice that tells real stories
  • Keep your audience up to date on your latest efforts, events, and impacts
  • Build meaningful relationships that last all year long—not just before a fundraiser
  • Help your SEO efforts by converting email content into blog posts
email marketing for non-profits

How Do I Know it Works?

Easy. It has. We’re fortunate enough to work with ZooMontana, a non-profit zoo in Billings, MT. Originally, ZooMontana came on for free as a part of our 1-1-1 program. We did their entire email campaign—monthly newsletters, automations, SuperCollectors™—for an entire year. The campaign was so successful they decided to stay on as a paying customer at the end of their campaign.

Surf's Up For A Great Cause

Cancer didn’t stop Tom Brown from inspiring people throughout the United States. Tom created the Surfing for Life Foundation to use the love and support he received during chemo and surgery to spread the message about cancer prevention to others.

After losing his battle to cancer, Tom’s wife Nancy reached out to us for help. With the help of email marketing, Surfing for Life gained the awareness it needed to keep the foundation going. Nancy received calls and messages from people offering time, money, and valuable skills to keep the mission moving forward.

email marketing for non-profits

Eloise's Cooking Pot: Inspiring People, One Meal At A Time

Eloise’s Cooking Pot is a volunteer food bank in the Pacific Northwest that serves over 1,500 clients a week. They spend countless hours delivering food to undernourished children, seniors, and disabled people in their community. Not only had their 1994 diesel truck become a burden to fuel, but their only other vehicle was totaled, cutting their capabilities in half overnight. They desperately needed to win the Toyota 100 Cars for Good contest. 

With a little help from us, and the power of email marketing, Eloise’s Cooking Pot won those trucks, empowering them to expand their delivery services and make even more of an impact in the community they serve.

email marketing for non-profits

More Than Just Business

Our mission in this world is to do great email marketing for non-profits who are making a positive impact in the world. That’s why we’re proud to be members of 1% For The Planet – donating at least 1% of our sales to environmental causes. We’d like to join you in your quest to provide outstanding service to your clients while showing them the world.

How It Works

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